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Technological innovation is the main problem faced by vacuum packaging machine enterprises

over the past decade, the number of energy-saving buildings in the world is increasing at an alarming rate. The packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general characteristics and multi-functional integration characteristics of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system. Now there are many kinds of vacuum packaging machines, the innovation cycle is short, and new functions can meet the highest health requirements, Therefore, only with a high degree of innovation in the design of vacuum packaging machine manufacturers can they remain invincible in the fierce market competition, rather than blindly catering to the appetite of consumers and madly fighting the price war of vacuum packaging machines

high efficiency: high production efficiency the production efficiency of vacuum packaging machine has developed from several pieces per minute to dozens of pieces, and the production of thermoforming filling sealing machine can reach more than 500 pieces/minute

automation: typ-b series rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine produced by a Japanese company has a high degree of automation and multi station. The machine has two turntables, filling and vacuum pumping. The filling turntable has six stations to complete bag feeding, feeding, filling and pre sealing until the package is sent to the vacuum pumping turntable. The vacuum turntable has 12 stations, that is, 12 vacuum chambers, which complete the vacuum pumping and sealing until the finished product is output. The production efficiency can reach 40 bags/minute. It is mainly used for packaging soft canned food

single machine multi-function: realizing multi-function on a single machine can easily expand the scope of use. To realize the multi-function of a single machine, we must adopt modular design, and realize the transformation and combination of technological breakthroughs and product innovation shackles that entrepreneurs could not achieve alone in the past through functional modules, so as to become different types of vacuum packaging machines suitable for different packaging materials, packaging items and packaging requirements, such as. Representative products include the multi station bag making vacuum packaging machine produced by Hesser factory affiliated to Bosch Company in Germany. Its bag making, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing and other functions can be completed on a single machine

in the whole packaging machinery industry, vacuum packaging machines started relatively late. More than 30 years ago, the output value of China's vacuum packaging machine industry was only tens of millions of yuan, and there were only 100 varieties of vacuum packaging machine products. But at present, the output value of China's vacuum packaging machine industry has reached 80billion, and is still growing at a rate of more than 10% every year. Automatic multi-function is the future development trend of vacuum packaging machinery

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