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Technological innovation promotes the development of gaobao enterprises

[ppzhan Abstract] in the process of continuous development of the industry, new technologies will always come out, and often new technologies will bring new opportunities for the development of the industry. Therefore, many enterprises will invest in new technologies or introduce new equipment to promote their own development. KBA now dominates the printing market with its innovative offset printing machine

it is reported that KB broke through the existing range of innovative offset printing machines by strengthening the "Golden Triangle" cooperation among the government, business and intellectual circles. With rotajet digital printing machine, it added a new choice to the newspaper industry. This product established KBA's position in the Berlin industry and also highlighted the digital media city of the printing power media port. Bolza Sch nemann said that KBA has sold two rotajets in other market areas, and KBA has attracted more and more attention from newspapers, books, direct mail advertising and commercial printing, which are the market areas initially targeted by rotajet. According to Bolza Sch nemann, kbarotajet is an inkjet rotary printing machine produced by traditional offset rotary printing machine manufacturers. For nearly 200 years, we have been providing innovative products for the newspaper industry, while other digital printing suppliers have grown up mainly in the office field, so we know the needs of the newspaper industry better than them. It is with this unique trust advantage that we believe kbarotajet will create new business opportunities for the newspaper industry. Because we provide offset and digital printing machines at the same time, we have a special objective perspective. We will provide investment suggestions according to the production structure of customers and the possible cost-effectiveness of implementing digital printing

oliverbaar of KBA's digital rotary printing machine business further elaborated kbaceo's view on digital newspaper printing machines. Today, the market potential of newspapers and supplementary services is declining, but Baar firmly believes that digital printing can bring other sustainable and profitable business options. For example, positioning newspapers to more consistent target groups (highly localized or small batch printing for special interest groups), expanding product portfolio, enhancing reader and customer loyalty, developing new customer groups, and establishing more flexible links between print media and media. Baar takes the Canadian glassmediacommercial newspaper group as an example. This group has successfully implemented AR (augmented reality) coding for all its newspapers to seamlessly connect printing with the digital world (supplemented by video). At the same time, diewelt and focus in Germany have also begun to implement similar strategies

oliverbaar believes that it will bring new opportunities to transform the inkjet printing system (currently kodakpr is the first time that it has been successfully used in mass production models, ospers30), and integrate it into the offset rotary printing machine for the printing of coupons, game coupons and address coupons. KBA has implemented such inkjet modifications. A further measure will be to combine the use of old offset printing machines (such as kbacolora) and inkjet rotary printing machines (such as kbarotajet). Digital printing can produce highly localized newspaper products (micro areas) and other printing products with variable format for readers and customers on different substrates. The traditional business model of newspaper industry can be expanded in this way and the processing cost of small batch printing can be significantly reduced. For the newspaper industry dominated by offset printing, commercial rotary printing machines and sheet fed offset printing machines are often used to produce newspapers, semi commercial prints, books, magazines and commercial products; Kbarotajet solves the small batch printing needs of all the above market segments and opens up new business opportunities

although KBA has suddenly found that it has broken its original product portfolio and entered digital newspaper printing with rotajet, experts still believe that high-performance offset printing machines will continue to dominate the newspaper printing field in the next few years. According to christophm ller, executive vice president of the rotary printing brush factory, orders for the new modular automatic commandercl have increased significantly since KBA's current domestic aluminum alloy cable connection solution, which was market-oriented and optimized its product lineup two years ago. Since its launch at the ifraexpo in Vienna in 2011, a total of ten such printing machine production lines have been sold to Europe, the United States and China. In 2013, Raine Ouest France, pressedruck in Potsdam and main echo in ashafinburg all chose this new model of KBA newspaper printing machine. In the field of products, compact commanderct is still the most successful printing machine in the market so far. A total of 27 printing machines are listed on its reference list, including 124 printing towers and nearly 1000 printing color decks. A few weeks ago, Baden Baden druckhaus of Germany and mittellandzeitungsdruck of Switzerland became new customers who chose this printing machine

kbacortina adopts anhydrous technology and introduces automatic version change technology into the newspaper industry. These are the topics of interest at the drupa printing exhibition 13 years ago. In 2013, this technology revived again. Volksfreund druckereinikolauskoch (Saarbr ckerzeitungsgruppe) in Trier makes the total sales of Cortina printing machine production lines reach 20; After the positive experience of freiburgerdruck (badischezeitung), the machine became the first printing machine equipped with two glazing devices. This on-line post press technology for cold set production is currently available only from Cortina, which performs water free offset printing. From the samples on display in Berlin, this technology can provide printing products with excellent printing quality

christophm ller stressed that the newspaper industry should make full use of its recognized image of a strong brand to carry out auxiliary printing business. For example, add creative advertisements to printed matter. KBA will provide multi-functional optional equipment that can be partially modified and expand its service range accordingly. When carrying out maintenance and repair tasks, senior professionals from KBA and its subsidiary printhouseservice (PHS) will increasingly refit old self owned printers or third-party printers. In addition, KBA and PHS will provide comprehensive on-site technical support to different newspaper and commercial printing plants

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