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Scientific and technological innovation promotes the development of intelligent lighting

the 12th China National Photography Award Ceremony recently ended in Chengdu. Reviewing the recent China Photo awards, we can find that more and more excellent enterprises participated in and won awards this year. It can be seen that China Photo awards are increasingly recognized by the industry

compared with previous sessions, the 12th zhongzhao lighting award added a "scientific and Technological Innovation Award", which focused on new technologies in the field of lighting (this meeting on lighting equipment and control equipment also held a forum to discuss the application of new technologies in the innovation forum of plastic tubular structural materials, machinery and plastics for automotive and electronic industries, where Dr. Achala de Mel of University College London and her research team 3D printed various plastic tubular structural materials) The innovative achievements in new products (light sources, lamps, electrical accessories, control equipment products) and software are affirmed and encouraged

the author notes that nearly half of the projects in the list of the first prize of this year's zhongzhao lighting Award for scientific and technological innovation are related products of smart lighting. According to the research report, the overall smart lighting market is expected to reach US $8.14 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.07% from 2015 to 2020. Smart lighting has become an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of LED lighting industry

as an important field of LED lighting market, smart lighting has gradually become "hot" in recent years. The growth rate of China's intelligent lighting market shows a rapid growth trend every year. With the maturity of led+ intelligent system, China's intelligent lighting market will reach a larger scale in 2018

in the face of such an attractive prospect, many enterprises have begun to rush to the beach, hoping to catch this "downwind boat" and get a share. From the first prize of the zhongzhao Award for scientific and technological innovation, we can see that the construction of smart cities has a decisive impact on the promotion of smart lighting, as can be seen from the projects of yiyucheng optoelectronics, "Aurora urban smart node system based on multi-function lamp poles", Jingri lighting's "led smart street lamp (jra7)", Shanghai Sansi's "Sansi smart street lamp system", Taihua smart industry's "urban smart lighting integrated monitoring and management platform". Lighting products are endowed with more and more intelligent functions, and more and more enterprises begin to layout smart lighting

however, compared with the overall market, the scale of intelligent lighting seems to be so small. There are also many constraints in the development of smart lighting: the price of products is too high, and the needs of consumers need to be developed and guided; The technology needs to be further matured. The compatibility problems and the 131.61% year-on-year promotion of security of IOT, etc. it can be said that the development of LED smart lighting market is still in the gestation period, and there are still quite a few problems to be solved. The establishment of zhongzhao Award for scientific and technological innovation is to encourage and affirm the important leading role of lighting technology in the development of lighting market, so as to encourage more enterprises to study core technologies, develop excellent products, and promote the development and progress of lighting technology. As a part of lighting technology, smart lighting has been valued and affirmed by the China National Lighting award. I believe that through the deep cultivation of more and more excellent enterprises, smart lighting will get a more scientific and orderly development

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