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Technological innovation is the warm cloak for enterprises to "resist the winter"

technological innovation is the source of power for the development of flexible enterprises. Only through innovation can enterprises have vitality and continuous development. Zhenhua company of Jinghua group adheres to the road of continuous innovation, vigorously carries out technological innovation, small reform and rationalization suggestions, and constantly takes effective measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in form and policy. At present, the activities of technological innovation, small-scale reform, and rationalization of the guard of honor team member Gao qinghuagai, who embodies traditional clothing, are blooming everywhere in Zhenhua company, constantly creating new achievements in improving product quality, increasing energy conservation and consumption reduction, improving the working environment, reducing labor intensity, etc., while creating economic benefits for the enterprise, it also enables the enterprise to continue to develop and grow

2008 was an extraordinary year for Zhenhua company. The company overcame the international financial crisis and the difficulties of tight transportation of coal, electricity and oil, further strengthened technological innovation, and achieved the business objectives of continuous and stable production and continuous cost reduction, as well as more remarkable achievements in innovation. Zhenhua company has invested 4.8 million yuan of innovation funds and created 12.5 million yuan of economic benefits; The logistics technology department actively carried out research, completed 13 key research projects, and created economic benefits of more than 8.8 million yuan. Zhenhua company rebuilt the "six to floating" project on the original site of the old six machine kiln production line, making full use of the existing raw material workshops, heavy oil system, nitrogen and hydrogen station system of the first and second lines of float, saving a total of investment. 7 The CIRC will significantly reduce the specific supervision of the application proportion of insurance funds by 10 million yuan. Among them, the projects of "Application of heavy oil emulsification technology in glass furnace combustion" and "comprehensive innovation and technical transformation of forklift lifting appliances" also won the second prize of technical innovation in the national building materials industry respectively; The color glass brick pink colorant and its preparation process were awarded the invention patent certificate, and won the Gold Award for excellent patent projects in the "Second China Shandong patent week"

in the early days of the founding of Jinghua group, Zhenhua Company attached great importance to technological innovation in order to ensure the upgrading of products, the successful commissioning of new projects, and create high economic benefits for the enterprise as soon as possible. In order to ensure the smooth development of technological innovation activities, the company has formulated a detailed talent training and use policy, which focuses on those employees who are dedicated to work, willing to bear hardships, willing to study, and have originality, and fully implements the policy of respecting labor, knowledge, talents, and creativity, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. We will resolutely remove all obstacles and respect all innovative aspirations that are conducive to the development of enterprises. Only when the innovation activities are supported can the innovation be brought into play and the innovation achievements be affirmed, so that employees at all levels of the enterprise can get their own places and share the achievements of enterprise development

in order to continue to promote the in-depth development of technological innovation, Zhenhua company further improved the incentive mechanism of technological innovation, paid attention to the cultivation of innovative talents, actively created opportunities and environments for employees to demonstrate their abilities, and increased the intensity of employee training and learning, increased investment, and focused on results. The enterprise has contacted with many colleges and universities, organized production backbones to carry out continuous education in batches, and adhered to the examination system of one small examination every month and one big examination every half a year for post workers, which has greatly improved the technical level and operating skills of employees and laid a solid foundation for continuous technological innovation

continuous technological innovation has made the enterprise brilliant. In the process of project construction, production and production, Zhenhua cadres and employees fully promoted the fighting spirit of continuous fighting, fear of fatigue and self creation of Jinghua Chinese, and finally achieved the six best in the country with the lowest investment, the highest level of equipment, the shortest guiding time, and further increasing brand awareness. The production speed is the fastest, the product quality is the best, and the market operation is the best. During the construction of the second line of float, the cadres and staff overcame the difficulties that ordinary people could not overcome. It took only 10 months from the commencement of the project to the ignition conditions, creating a miracle of rapid construction of the project. At present, Zhenhua company has nine glass hollow brick production lines, with an annual output of 36million high-grade glass hollow bricks. It is the world's largest hollow glass brick production and marketing base, a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province, and has become one of the leading enterprises in China and even the international hollow glass brick industry. Its color glass hollow brick production technology is the only in Asia, and the product quality has reached the international level. "Jinghua" brand hollow glass brick has obtained "national new product", "Chinese famous brand" and "Chinese famous and high-quality product". As an excellent energy-saving and environmental friendly green building material, "Jinghua" brand hollow glass brick was widely used by the 2008 Olympic Games project - "Water Cube" project of the National Swimming Center. The company's two float glass production lines, with an annual output of 7million weight boxes of high-grade and high-quality float glass, are an important base for fine float glass processing in North China. The production capacity of float glass ranks in the forefront of Shandong Province, and the comprehensive benefits of single line are the best in the country. It has won the top ten well-known brands in China's float glass market, and has been widely concerned by the glass industry. With the rapid development of glass technology, the company vigorously develops glass deep processing projects, and all key equipment are imported from abroad, ensuring the excellent quality of products and quickly occupying the market. The company is introducing advanced technology to develop projects such as low radiation coated glass, photovoltaic glass and high-quality tempered glass insulators. Through continuous innovation and hard work, it continues to create new brilliance for the enterprise

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