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Scientific and technological innovation to promote the development of China's packaging and printing industry (Part 2)

4 With the development of market economy and the increasingly fierce competition, a large number of fake and shoddy products have impacted the market, involving the trademarks, logos and packaging of a large number of products. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) stipulates that from the third quarter of 2003, the market access system has been implemented for 10 major categories of food, and the QS mark must be affixed before leaving the factory. Otherwise, it is not allowed to leave the factory and enter the circulation field for sale. In addition, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China also stipulates that 132 commodities in 19 categories (involving electronics, household appliances, air conditioners and other products) in the country should be subject to compulsory certification (i.e. 3c:china compulsory certification), which will be implemented from August 1, 2003. Those without 3C compulsory certification mark are not allowed to leave the factory and enter the circulation field for sale. In 2004, the certification field was expanded to certify full juice wine, feed, information products, wireless local area products, interior decoration materials, etc. By 2005, all the 28 categories and 550 products of food in China will be certified

the above national policies undoubtedly provide business opportunities for packaging and printing enterprises. Therefore, we should actively adopt various anti-counterfeiting technologies and print various anti-counterfeiting labels, trademarks and anti-counterfeiting packaging according to market demand

at present, effective anti-counterfeiting technologies include: anti-counterfeiting holographic identification positioning hot stamping technology, rainbow printing anti-counterfeiting technology, printing carrier anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting technology based on several positive signals that have appeared in the economic operation of the paper extruder industry in China (watermark paper, safety wire, fluorescent fiber, etc.), anti-counterfeiting technology based on ink, laser holographic transfer paper technology, texture anti-counterfeiting identification technology There are many applications of hyperwire in packaging anti-counterfeiting. Special attention should be paid to electronic label technology. Electronic tags, also known as "Radio Frequency ID" (RFID for short), radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals, and it is also difficult to forge. "Electronic tag" has become the main development direction of automatic identification technology in the 21st century, and then joined the cement industry

5. Digital workflow technology will develop rapidly

digital workflow is an indispensable and important part of the networking printing environment. Without digital workflow, CTP, digital proofing, and networking printing all have no foundation to realize. The combination of perfect digital workflow and advanced equipment and management can enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and comprehensively improve the product quality and efficiency of enterprises

nowadays, the digital workflow has developed from the original room process and norm process to JDF process. JDF can describe a complete printing job, which is defined by the most popular XMT language. It can be exchanged between different platforms and different operating systems, solves the problem of separation of production system and MIS system and the integration of products from different manufacturers, and can best adapt to the existing user environment. The emergence of JDF has laid the foundation for the development of the printing industry and will bring a new revolution to the printing industry

the digital engineering process in the printing production system does not stay in the production system itself, but has begun to extend to both ends of the printing production system. The business entry represented by ordering, planning, design, etc. and the sales export represented by product storage, transportation, circulation, sales, etc. have been brought into the management scope of the system, and gradually formed a business planning with digital network and digital media as the link, including the enterprise and even the group as a whole, A huge information system for production organization, monitoring, management and marketing management data

at present, CTP technology, digital proofing, digital printing, ink-jet printing, JDF operation grid should usually be considered. It is this reason and other new technologies are also being adopted by packaging and printing enterprises

technological innovation ushers in the future

at present, China's packaging and printing enterprises can be said to have reached such a threshold: if they only rely on low-cost labor for rough processing production, it will be difficult to maintain their position in the existing industrial chain. In order to obtain the space for survival and development, and then become bigger and stronger, enterprises must base on scientific and technological innovation and comprehensively enhance their core competitiveness. The improvement of scientific and technological innovation ability is not achieved overnight. We need to make efforts to do a good job in the following aspects:

first of all, we should make use of the trend of economic and technological globalization, closely track the development trend of the world's packaging and printing technology, through the introduction, digestion and absorption of new technologies, new equipment and new materials, select a breakthrough at a high starting point, make independent innovation, and implement the leapfrog development strategy, Give full play to the advantage of late development

secondly, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation. It is reported that most advanced printing equipment manufacturers in Sweden, Germany and other countries withdraw more than 15% of their income every year for scientific research and development of new products. Sun's R & D expenses are as high as 11% of the turnover, while at present, a considerable number of packaging and printing enterprises in China still have zero investment in this regard. The experience of western developed countries shows that the benefits of scientific and technological innovation are much higher than the input. Foreign private capital dares to venture capital, that is, to see the benefits behind the risks, especially in the scientific and technological innovation industry

Third, reform the transformation system, reverse the separation of production, learning and research, and separate scientific research from the market and production, so as to form a system and mechanism conducive to the industrialization of high-tech and the transformation of scientific research achievements into productive forces as soon as possible

fourth, try to abandon local protectionism, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and tilt towards scientific and technological innovation in terms of capital, personnel and incentive policies, so as to create a policy environment to promote scientific and technological innovation

moreover, pay attention to the implementation of talent strategy. People oriented, pay attention to the cultivation and incubation of talents, establish a set of mechanisms for recruiting, using and retaining talents, and encourage innovative talents to stand out

compared with the international advanced level, there is indeed a big gap between China's packaging and printing industry. However, as long as we adhere to scientific and technological innovation and make continuous efforts, we will be able to make continuous progress and move forward


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