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Technological innovation Yifan machinery puts mining machinery on the road of environmental protection

technological innovation Yifan machinery puts mining machinery on the road of environmental protection

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in today's market, there is a lack of natural sand and stone, and the demand for artificial sand and stone is increasing sharply. The lightweight problem of new energy vehicles manufactured in mines has been alleviated to a certain extent. The equipment developed by enterprises can ensure the high-speed operation of production lines, While the production efficiency may be at its peak within the range of 0.1 division value, the competition has become increasingly fierce

as a result, when purchasing equipment, many customers are not familiar with market demand, specific production conditions, product particle shape, etc., and do not purchase equipment in combination with specific conditions

cc series cone crushers are generally used for the third or fourth stage crushing in mining operations. The hydraulic system of the equipment can be used to adjust the size of the discharge port of the crusher, and when there is foreign matter in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system can push down the cone, and it will automatically reset after elimination. The equipment has two kinds of crushing chambers, which can be adjusted by users according to their needs to meet the particle size requirements of different products. The sealed structure is adopted, so that dust or impurities cannot enter the equipment chamber, ensuring internal cleanliness, increasing service life and safe and effective protection

by absorbing the advanced technology of American cone crusher, the CC series cone crusher produced by Yifan machinery has a lower operating cost. In the future market, crushers with high pollution, high energy consumption and small additional force are likely to be eliminated, while environmental friendly crushers with advanced technology will go further with policy support

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