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Sijiawei cl660 multi-function laminating machine

SCHIAVI of boster group is a world-famous supplier of laminating equipment and technology. Sijiawei cl660 multi-function laminating machine is equipped with five kinds of trolleys: gravure coating, flexographic coating, semi flexographic coating, solvent-free coating and PVDC coating. By switching the coating trolleys and calling the corresponding control programs, solvent-based lamination (dry and wet) can be completed Different processes such as solvent-free compounding and PVDC coating, coupled with the boster S5100 automatic overprint system, can also accurately apply the cold sealing adhesive on the preprint material

cl660 oven has a pull-out structure at the bottom, so that the operator can fully contact the guide roller and other parts in the oven. The distance between the air nozzle and the guide rail can be adjusted, making maintenance and threading easy; The arc-shaped high-efficiency oven with a length of 6 meters ensures the drying effect at a speed of up to 450 meters/minute

the automatic cleaning system of the coating trolley developed by SCHIAVI makes the switching and cleaning of the coating trolley faster; Scarvey solvent-free mixer adopts closed structure, and the gear pump mixes the glue accurately, making the solvent-free compounding simple and reliable

the machine adopts Siemens S7 Series PLC control, touch screen operation, and has remote fault diagnosis function

SCHIAVI's decades of experience in designing and manufacturing compound machines has contributed to the excellent performance of cl660, while Bobst's worldwide technical support network provides a reliable guarantee for the long-term stable operation of cl660

boster group was founded in 1890 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a listed company in Zurich stock exchange that can measure and judge various performance parameters of various material experiments according to national standards, international standards or standards provided by users. As a pioneer in the global packaging and printing industry, boster group provides first-class production equipment and services for folding cartons, corrugated cartons and flexible packaging materials with exquisite production technology and advanced management concepts; And provide all-round solutions according to the development requirements of customers. As a global production enterprise, boster group has a strong technical support network, subsidiaries and agencies in more than 100 countries on five continents in the world, and its equipment and services have been highly praised by customers. The pre-sales, after-sales service and technical training of boster mode ensure that customers can tap its potential value when purchasing any kind of boster equipment, so as to achieve "value for money" in the real sense

boster group is implementing a 3 x 3 long-term development strategy in the world. It has become a major supplier in the three packaging and printing fields of folding cartons, corrugated cartons and flexible packaging materials. It is actively active in the three major regions of the world: America, Europe and Asia, and seeks to gain more market share. Boster group entered the Chinese market as early as the early 1980s and provided a series of first-class products and services to Chinese customers. It has also established a factory in Shanghai, boster Shanghai Co., Ltd., covering an area of 33000 square meters. Since its opening in 1998, the Shanghai factory has become a strong base for providing technical services and spare parts supply to Chinese customers. In order to provide faster technical services to Chinese customers and better adapt to the long-term development in China, since 2005, all businesses of boster group in China have been under the unified responsibility of the Greater China region of boster group, with a year-on-year decrease of 90.02%

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