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Technological transformation is the key means to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

technological transformation is an important system formed in China's industrial development, and it is also an effective and valuable experience to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of China's industry. Its essence is that enterprises use new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials to transform and improve existing facilities, process conditions and production services. On September 10, the State Council officially issued the guiding opinions on promoting technological transformation and industrial upgrading of enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which was drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and jointly with 13 ministries and commissions such as the national development and Reform Commission, Make important arrangements for further promoting the technological transformation of enterprises

the 12th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for China's industry to achieve the transformation from large to strong. At present, the internal and external environment of China's industrial development is undergoing profound changes, especially the development of the real economy is facing many uncertain factors, and the downward pressure is increasing. In this context, the State Council specially issued the "opinions" to clarify the guiding ideology, main tasks, policies and measures of technological transformation in the new era, which is of great significance for stabilizing the scale of investment, cultivating consumer demand, promoting industrial upgrading, and accelerating structural adjustment

six changes in connotation

technological transformation is an important system formed in China's industrial development, and it is also an effective and valuable experience to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of China's industry. Its essence is that enterprises use new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials to transform and improve existing facilities, process conditions and production services, eliminate backward production capacity, and achieve connotative development. It is an important way to achieve technological progress, improve production efficiency, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote safe production

More than 30 years of practice has proved that the development and changes of China's industry continue to give new connotations to technological transformation. In the 1980s, industrial enterprises tapped potential, innovated and transformed; In the 1990s, through the organization and implementation of a large number of special projects for key technological transformation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, and the large-scale transformation and upgrading of domestic enterprises, the gap with the world's advanced level was greatly shortened; During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, technological transformation has shifted to mastering independent core technologies, creating independent brands, participating in international competition, and achieving sustainable development, and the overall quality of industry has been further improved; The technological transformation during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period takes structural adjustment as the main line and market demand as the guide, highlighting industrial upgrading, improving economic benefits and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises; Especially since 2008, the CPC Central Committee The State Council regards technological transformation as one of the major measures to deal with the international financial crisis. We have set up special funds for the revitalization of key industries and technological transformation at the national level to stimulate social investment, which has promoted the industrial economy to take the lead in achieving stability, recovery and good development.

from the opinions issued this time At present and in the future, as an important starting point to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial development mode and realize scientific development, the focus of technological transformation will be developed from equipment renewal to the overall transformation of the whole production process and product structure adjustment; From the transformation of a single enterprise to the supporting transformation of the entire industrial chain; From the simple transformation of production and manufacturing links to the extension of R & D, design, marketing, services and other fields; From the transformation of scattered distribution enterprises to the promotion of industrial specialization, scale and agglomeration; From the support of individual enterprises to the support of public technology service platform; From using and mastering technology to controlling the key technology and core technology of system setting, etc

key means in critical period

why does the connotation of technological transformation change significantly? The fundamental reason is that at present, the deep-seated contradictions such as the extensive mode of industrial development, unreasonable structure and core technology controlled by people in China are becoming increasingly prominent, the global industrial structure is deeply adjusted, and the superimposed pressure of Reindustrialization in developed countries and homogenization competition in emerging economies is increasing

the new era and new situation put forward higher requirements for technological transformation, but there is a certain gap in the current thinking of technological transformation, mainly in four aspects. First, the understanding of technological transformation in the new era needs to be deepened. Many localities and departments have a vague understanding of technological transformation, and lack of understanding of the long-term role of technological transformation in promoting China's industry to implement the scientific concept of development, change the mode of development, speed up structural adjustment, and realize the task of transformation and upgrading. Second, it is urgent to establish a long-term mechanism to strengthen technological transformation. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, although various regions have issued guidance and supporting policies to strengthen and improve technological transformation, the national level has insufficient macro guidance for technological transformation under the new situation, imperfect overall planning, insufficient policy support, imperfect statistical system, and management system to be improved. Third, the investment direction is lack of effective guidance. Technological transformation pays more attention to the immediate future than the long term; Heavy production, light research and development; Reformer, light foundation; There are still phenomena such as more convergence with the trend and less emphasis on characteristics. Fourth, the management system needs to be further straightened out. Although PVC is still very common in the changing torque of the Asian medical equipment market on the samples, the management system of multi department management and capital block use temporarily established during the international financial crisis can not well meet the needs of the normalization and long-term of technological transformation work, and the central investment management mode of technological transformation needs to be further innovated and improved. These problems must be solved by taking practical measures

the introduction of the opinions is conducive to putting technological transformation in a more important position, is conducive to the gradual solution of the above problems, and fully shows that technological transformation is a long-term strategy for China's industrial development

clear objectives and clear tasks

the biggest highlight of the opinions is to clarify the objectives and tasks of technological transformation in the new era. By 2015, the proportion of technological transformation investment in industrial investment will be significantly increased, the independent innovation ability of enterprises will be significantly improved, the output value rate of new industrial products will be significantly increased, the proportion of advanced production capacity, resource and energy utilization efficiency, cleaner production and enterprise safety will be significantly improved, the policy environment and institutional mechanisms for promoting technological transformation of enterprises will be more sound, and the application of informatization in key industries and backbone enterprises will reach the international advanced level

focusing on the key links of industrial transformation and upgrading, the opinions puts forward nine key tasks to promote the technological transformation of enterprises: accelerate the promotion of technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the industrialization and application of advanced technologies; Improve the level of equipment, promote the application of advanced manufacturing systems, intelligent manufacturing equipment and large complete sets of technical equipment such as automation, digitalization, networking and intellectualization, support key enterprises to aim at the world's cutting-edge technology, speed up the upgrading and transformation of equipment, and promote the technical equipment in key fields to reach the international advanced level; Promote green development, accelerate the promotion of advanced energy-saving, water-saving and material saving technologies and processes at home and abroad, promote green design and R & D systems for industrial products, and improve the efficiency of energy and resources utilization; Optimize product structure, promote lean manufacturing, improve process flow, strengthen process control and improve manufacturing level; Deepen the integration of industrialization and industrialization, deepen the application of information technology in all links of product life cycle, such as R & D and design, production and manufacturing, marketing management, recycling and reuse, and accelerate the promotion and application of key common technologies such as modern production management systems; Promote military civilian integration, support the industrialization and mutual transformation of dual-use technologies, and encourage the application of advanced and mature civilian technology and equipment in the field of national defense science, technology and industry; Ensure safe production and improve the intrinsic safety level of industrial enterprises; Improve the level of industrial agglomeration, guide enterprises, projects and elements to focus on parks and bases, and promote the collaborative transformation of leading enterprises and supporting enterprises; Strengthen the construction of public service platforms, integrate relevant resources, and build a number of industrial technology innovation and service platforms, quality and safety technology demonstration platforms, enterprise integrity information management platforms, and comprehensive information service platforms for key industries

On the basis of emphasizing the practical application of the current relevant supporting policies, the Opinions also put forward safeguard measures to promote the technological transformation of enterprises from the aspects of strengthening policy planning and guidance, increasing financial support, improving preferential tax policies, broadening financing channels, and improving management mechanisms

through careful study and understanding of the opinions, we should clearly realize that technological transformation is not a short-term measure against the crisis, but a long-term strategy for China's industrial development and an eternal theme of China's industrial development. Especially at present, China's industry is facing the new tasks of changing from big to strong, transformation and upgrading, and scientific development. Technological transformation is the key means to solve key problems in the critical period. Firmly grasping the core of technological transformation in the new era will surely guide China's industry to the track of endogenous development and innovation driven, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve scientific development

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