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Technology and channels will become the core competitiveness of household enterprises in 2019

in 2018, the continuous changes in the household consumption market will bring new challenges to household enterprises, especially furniture enterprises. Through the continuous upgrading of its industrial structure, product quality and service level, some excellent home furnishing enterprises can rise against the trend, which also brings a lot of enlightenment to 2019. What are the new trends in the trend of the home furnishing industry? Next, how can home furnishing enterprises stand out from the adverse trend? Waste too much

new technology has become the core competitiveness

with the change of the consumer market, the "gimmick" style of "pseudo innovation" scenery is no longer. The era of casually making up a concept to attract consumers is over, and consumers will pay more attention to the internal experience of household products

in recent years, many home furnishing enterprises have gradually shifted their research and development focus to "internal". Through innovation in the design, workmanship quality, raw materials, use comfort and other aspects of home furnishing products, under the environment of "made in China 2025", the "innovative" products suitable for Chinese consumers are the magic weapon for the future home furnishing industry to seize market opportunities

differentiated products are favored

in recent years, although the expansion of the customized home market has not been as expected, it is undeniable that more and more consumers have begun to accept the differentiated customized home experience, and more and more families have begun to try to meet different home needs through "customization", especially with the arrival of the lag period of "second childhood", In the future, household consumption upgrading with two child families as the main consumer group will come intensively, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more concrete

diversified marketing channels become the key

around the "double 11" in 2018, many traditional home furnishing enterprises, such as large shopping malls and home decoration companies, have chosen various ways to "marry" with the Internet e-commerce platform. From the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, they have also achieved good results

due to the particularity of household products, both online and offline retail, home stores and other channels have a certain proportion of consumer groups, and the balance is temporarily difficult to be broken during the long-term stable operation period of short devices. In the new year, how to make organic use of diversified channels is the key factor to achieve good results in 2019

the increasing demand for environmental protection consumption

the environmental protection incident of rental housing in 2018 has really attracted attention to home environmental protection issues. Nowadays, many consumers have put environmental protection attributes first when choosing home products, and because many consumers continue to understand environmental protection knowledge through the Internet and other channels in the purchase process, their environmental protection identification ability of home products has also been greatly improved. In 2015, the central bank continued to lower the central parity rate of the RMB exchange rate, leading to an increase in the exchange rate. Some fake environmental protection products have nowhere to hide, while some excellent environmental protection products are favored. Driven by the head and tail effect, under the release of the petrochemical industry layout plan, environmental protection has become the key word of the household product reshuffle. In the new year, it is the general trend to do environmental protection in a down-to-earth manner

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