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Sk Telecom develops new radio signal repeaters to expand 5g coverage

it is reported that since the frequency used by 5g services is expected to be higher than the current cellular network, operators are developing methods to expand the high-frequency band signal range that can be used for 5g

SK Telecom develops new radio signal repeaters to expand 5g coverage

therefore, SK Telecom said that it has developed a radio signal repeater to solve the problem of 5g coverage limitation caused by the propagation characteristics of radio signals in ultra-high/higher than 6GHz frequency band

and even up to 5million grade

repeaters are one of the most direct ways to expand the range of cell service signals, because repeaters simply receive radio signals and retransmit them

for SK Telecom, it is particularly important to expand 5g coverage and scope, because it is one of the early advocates advocating the use of 28ghz millimeter wave for the next generation 5g service. Because the 28ghz operating frequency is so high, it is easy to cause many quality problems when penetrating leaves, walls and other objects

According to sk Telecom, relevant tests have been carried out on the 5g test network deployed near Jiangnan station in Seoul, South Korea

Sk Telecom is expected to launch a commercial 5g network in the second half of 2019

sk telecommunications senior vice president and network technology experimental data and curves are automatically saved; Park Jin Hyo, head of the R & D center, said, "SK Telecom is currently applying 5g key technologies in the 5g trial network in Jiangnan District, which has the highest data flow, so as to realize 8. Display speed commercial 5g network as soon as possible."

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