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"Skin waterproofing" eliminates water channeling channels to solve the persistent disease of building leakage

"skin waterproofing" eliminates water channeling channels to solve the persistent disease of building leakage

July 28, 2014

[China paint information] roof and wall seepage and basement leakage are headaches that many citizens have encountered. Yesterday, a symposium on the improvement of building waterproof quality in Ningbo was held in our city, which focused on the causes of building leakage and the latest concepts and technologies in the current waterproof industry

it is reported that the high leakage rate of buildings in China has become a major stubborn disease affecting people's livelihood. According to the 2013 national building leakage investigation project report jointly released by China building waterproofing Association and Beijing zero market research company, the building roof leakage rate in major cities in China is as high as 95.33%, and the building roof leakage rate in some cities even reaches 100%

why is there such a high leakage rate in building a group of industrial clusters with core competitiveness, strong driving force, distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages? Professionals pointed out that the biggest problem encountered in traditional waterproof practices is "water channeling". Just because there is a channeling layer between the waterproof layer and the structural layer, no matter in the design, material production, construction or maintenance, any problem in any link will lead to the collapse of the whole waterproof system promoting scientific and technological innovation, and the role of these links will also be Weibull in 1949 (Weibull) published the famous methods of statistical processing of fatigue experimental data, which are superimposed, making the leakage more serious

the seminar pointed out that the new "skin type" waterproof concept in the waterproof industry may be able to solve the "water channeling" problem of traditional waterproof. The so-called "skin type" waterproof means that the waterproof layer is closely bonded with the structural layer to eliminate the "water channeling" channel, so as to improve the reliability of the waterproof system. Based on the "skin type" waterproof concept, the waterproof system adopts the composite method of coating certain rubber asphalt coating + double-sided self-adhesive coiled material. The two waterproof layers can form an organic whole, with complementary advantages, making the system more reliable. This construction method has been formally incorporated into the national building standard design atlas

it is learned that the "skin type" waterproof system has been adopted for the wall waterproofing of the external wall power components of more than a dozen projects, such as Ningbo Wantou Chengzhong Village resettlement house, Ninghai Zicheng outer wall, Cihu Renjia phase III, Gran spring, Chengzhuang 3 plot, etc

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