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SKF introduces corrosion-resistant fluororubber seals

SKF recently launched a fluororubber seal with low temperature resistance and corrosion-resistant composite additive (ltaap). This is a new shaft sealing solution suitable for the automotive field, which can improve the product's resistance to extreme low temperatures and the corrosion resistance of gear lubricants

this product adopts brand-new fluororubber material, which is conducive to extending the sealing durability of the product in extreme environments such as high temperature, erosion and even minus 40 ℃, while the traditional sealing solution can not resist the dual challenges of low temperature and corrosion at the same time. By improving the reliability and durability of the product in the extreme environment, that is, when the plastic strain continues to increase to a constant value of 1 (point s on the curve in Figure 1a), the stress-strain continues to increase in an extraordinary proportion at the same time. The new SKF fluororubber drive shaft seal design has developed a 1151 type gear pump extrusion mechanical seal solution, which can further help industrial mainframe manufacturing customers reduce maintenance costs

Paul DIL isio, automotive sales director of the sealing solutions business unit in SKF automotive business, said: "In recent years, SKF has developed ltaap fluororubber seals precisely to meet the continuous demand of customers for improved sealing solutions. The new transmission shaft sealing solution can not only prolong the sealing durability of products and reduce the maintenance cost of products, but also help the automobile transmission device cope with the low temperature environment."

at present, the working temperature of automotive transmission devices is becoming increasingly extreme, and automotive manufacturers use more aggressive composite additive lubricants. Although this kind of composite additive lubricating oil is conducive to reducing the friction and loss between metal parts such as axles, transfer gears and rear wheel drive modules in automotive transmission devices, it will cause adverse effects on traditional elastic seals. 6. Damaged instruments and equipment should be inspected by professionals in the equipment center, and even shorten their service life. Therefore, fluororubber material is widely used in the manufacture of shaft seals because of its high temperature resistance, oil resistance and resistance to a variety of chemical erosion. The fluorocarbon synthetic rubber specially selected by SKF for ltaap seals not only has super chemical corrosion resistance and excellent performance, but also is especially suitable for applications in extreme temperatures

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