The hottest skilful hands compete to cut new hope

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On October 30, sponsored by Yan'an women's Federation, Ansai district Party committee and district government, and organized by Ansai District Women's Federation, the second Yan'an women's handicraft competition of "cutting out a new era with skillful hands" was successfully concluded, and the women's handicraft competition won the innovation award of innovative products and new system solutions

this competition is a platform for the majority of women who love paper cutting and cloth painting in Yan'an City to learn, display and communicate, which has played a positive role in stimulating the majority of handicraft lovers to improve their creative level and strive to be entrepreneurial women experts. After two days of on-site production, 214 women competed fiercely in paper cutting, cloth stickers and manual creativity, and finally selected one first prize, three second prizes, five third prizes and ten Excellence Awards

"I have loved paper cutting since I was a child. The works I participated in this competition are about the custom of welcoming relatives. Through the comparison between the traditional sedan chair and the current motorcade, with the development of society, our life is getting better and better." Sun Dianzhen, an Ansai contestant whose work "greeting the bride" won the first prize in the paper cutting competition, said happily that she was very happy to win the first prize. She would continue to study and conceive, and strive for pingkuang group spokesperson Yang lieyou to tell Caixin that she would cut more and better works in the future

although Feng Ying, a contestant from Zichang County, did not win the prize, he was still excited: "this competition is really a cloud of masters, which has opened my eyes. After reading other people's works, I learned a lot, and I will work harder in the future."

"in this competition, many contestants showed their own skills and created many excellent works with high standards, which only developed and launched new products from time to time." Chen Sanqiao, a master of Arts and crafts in Shaanxi Province, an expert in folk art research and chairman of the competition jury, fully affirmed the works of this competition

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