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Skid steer loader: the warm spring is approaching

skid steer loader, which is widely used in European and American developed countries, is rare in the Chinese market. During the period of rapid growth of China's construction machinery market due to huge infrastructure investment, skid steer loaders did not achieve leapfrog growth like other products. However, in the eyes of knowledgeable people, the widely used skid steer loader can be regarded as the most underestimated product in China's construction machinery market. With the reduction of cost, the skid steer loader will usher in its own "spring"

cost reduction due to large-scale production

the price of a sliding loader with a load capacity of 1 ton is equivalent to the price of a 5-ton wheel loader. In terms of size alone, the cost performance ratio of a sliding loader is really not high. Even considering the "multiple functions of one machine" of skid steer loaders, the price is slightly higher for current Chinese users. However, in the long run, the industry premium will rise sharply. With the retreat of the tide of large-scale infrastructure, road maintenance and refined urban construction will become the mainstream, and the demand for skid steer loaders will increase significantly. This will also force to solve the cost problem of core parts that perplex the skid steer loader

SM sliding loader

take the small loader that is close to the size of the sliding loader as an example. At present, the materials consumed by the core accessories of the small loader have changed life - Xinda polyether ether ketone composite has been verified through pilot production that the weight, working hours and energy consumption are about 3 ~ 4 times that of the core accessories of the sliding loader, and the cost reduction space of the core transmission accessories of the small loader has reached the limit. However, when the market demand of skid steer loaders is close to that of small loaders, the market competition for the core parts of skid steer loaders will be more sufficient, and because the hydraulic parts of skid steer loaders are much lighter, the material cost of skid steer loaders can be completely lower than that of the core transmission parts of small loaders in the foreseeable future. If the core hydraulic parts of skid steer loaders form a perfect industrial chain like the domestic transmission case and drive axle of small loaders, there is huge room for cost reduction

in addition to the benefits brought by the expansion of the demand for skid steer loaders to hydraulic parts manufacturers in the foreseeable future. As the skid steer loader adopts hydrostatic transmission, the price of hydrostatic transmission parts for producing a kilogram of skid steer loader is 13.5 times that of the core transmission parts of small loaders. Such a value depression will attract many domestic hydraulic parts manufacturers. At present, the production of domestic core hydraulic parts of excavators has become more and more mature, and there are many similarities between the hydraulic parts of skid steer loaders, and the technical gap has become smaller and smaller, which is also a great benefit to the reduction of the price of hydraulic parts of skid steer loaders

personal demand leads to the best-selling of skid steer loaders

according to statistics, the annual sales volume of skid steer loaders of only SM brand in the United States reaches 40000 units, while the annual sales volume of skid steer loaders in the Chinese market is only 1000 units. Such a large demand difference is largely due to the difference in labor costs. In recent years, China's labor costs have entered the accelerated rise channel, and many enterprises feel great pressure. Using machines will become an inevitable choice in the future

SM skid steer loaders for road maintenance

according to official data, China's working population decreased by 3.45 million in 2012; Decreased by 2.44 million in 2013; Decreased by 3.71 million in 2014; Decreased by 4.87 million in 2015; It is expected to decrease by about 8million in 2023. In the next ten to twenty years, China's working population may halve, resulting in a severe shortage of human resources

unless we can make up for the decline of labor force through technological progress and institutional innovation, labor shortage will become the bottleneck of future economic growth. The most reliable and fast way to solve this dilemma is to make up for the shortage of manpower through machinery, which also brings the core product independently developed by the enterprise - 3-axis linkage injection molding machine. The scattered and complicated small work done by manpower in the past will be replaced by small construction machinery such as skid steer loaders

secondly, from the perspective of user structure, the proportion of individual users who buy skid steer loaders in the United States reaches 40%, while the number of individuals who buy skid steer loaders in China is rare. With the development of China's economy, the per capita income will continue to increase in the future. It is estimated that in five years, ordinary workers can buy a skid steer loader with their annual salary. At that time, the sliding loader with flexible operation will become a tool for more ordinary people to replace manpower, and personal demand will grow rapidly

SM will be the first choice for Chinese users

as a global small multi-function machine and small excavator, welcome your call and support! And the leader of telescopic boom multifunctional machinery, SM developed the predecessor of the world's first skid steer loader in 1958, which has led the development trend of skid steer loader and established many world standards for this product

SM skid steer loader for snow removal

SM skid steer loader is powerful and durable. It is famous for its durability and reliability, and can cope with the most difficult working environment for a long time. In addition, the SM skid steer loader has compact design, fast and agile operation, stable handling performance, and extremely low impact on the environment

today's SM has the richest accessories in the world, which can complete more work faster, improve work efficiency and reduce the idle rate of equipment. Just one machine can replace many other special machines

as a brand widely recognized by users all over the world, SM has maintained the first sales volume of sliding multi-function machinery in the world and a market share of about 50% for more than 50 years. In China, SM has more than 2000 customers, which can meet the various needs of Chinese users for skid steer loaders. With more than 50 years of development experience and sales points all over the world, SM can provide the best service for its skid steer loader customers. It is believed that in the near future, SM skid steer loaders will attract greater use in the Chinese market. (this article is from China Construction Machinery Trade)

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