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SIXNET launched the first industrial Ethernet switch that brings enterprise cascading to harsh environments

on October 20, SIXNET announced that the company's new el228 Industrial Ethernet switch was made from Anqing management platform. As the latest supplement to SIXNET's entire series of industrial switches, el228 is the only product in a category that integrates the reliability, redundancy and robustness required by the harsh industrial environment and the true enterprise cascading capability

by providing a wide range of high-end enterprise cascading functions, el228 provides some functions needed to realize the new generation of "smart" applications in power and energy, transportation, oil and gas and other industries. These functions are provided in a solid shape. Even in extreme environments such as the air traffic control of the U.S. Navy in Antarctica and the oil platform in Oman, these functions have proved very reliable

hilton Nicholson, President and CEO of SIXNET, said, "in recent years, around smart grid and intelligent transportation system There has been a lot of hype, but in fact, most of these systems are still seriously restricted by the limited connection capacity. El228 is the first Ethernet switch platform that can provide the security, reliability and extensive enterprise cascading functions required by organizations in these markets. "

el228 also achieves the lowest total cost of ownership among similar industrial Ethernet switches. This is achieved by providing 24 Fast Ethernet SFP ports that can be fully configured on site. This allows customers to modify the configuration when the connection requirements change, so there is no need to carry out the "forklift upgrade" required when using a typical preconfigured industrial switch. In addition, because customers can dynamically configure the port of el228 to share with anda technology, which is the main cathode material of lithium battery in its network, the explosive growth of the lithium battery industry chain and the configuration of switches match each other, it can also significantly reduce the required spare switch inventory

bci technologies is a supplier of industrial communication and automation solutions for enterprises and municipalities worldwide. Dr. Jay Park, senior product manager of powerrichsystems under BCI technologies, said: "the new SIXNET el228 is the most flexible managed industrial switch I have ever seen. At an excellent price, el228 provides a single-mode solution to meet the diversified needs of smart electricity and distribution automation of various types of substations."

el228 product features

el228 is a kind of product that can provide customers with excellent flexibility. When the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the cooling system must be turned on; 28 port (24+4g) Industrial Ethernet management switch. Its 24 Fast Ethernet SFP ports can be used in any combination of copper RJ45 or fiber-optic transceivers. The el228 is equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), power/ground connections, console ports, and the design of clamps on the front and back of the exchanger is also a difficult support positioning, so that customers can install the equipment in the way of front and back/reverse connections as needed

its rugged design and compliance with IEC 61850/ieee1613 standards (about to pass Kema certification) make el228 an ideal choice for extreme environments encountered in the power generation and distribution industry, transportation industry and the field of video security based on interconnection protocol (IP). Support for these standards means that the reliability of the el228 is sufficient to support any industrial application, At the same time, there are many enterprise level functions:

-- advanced network security -- preventing unauthorized intrusion

-- fast backup -- maintaining the operation of the network even if there is a failure

-- real time information transmission -- ensuring the immediate arrival of important data

-- advanced multicast function -- optimizing network bandwidth

-- powerful management and monitoring functions -- easy deployment and troubleshooting

general installation features pending SIXNET patents Levy and flexible ports enable customers to easily deploy and deploy. Adding and configuring fiber and copper ports during operation provides important convenience and helps reduce costs. Moreover, the positioning of multiple assembly brackets, movable power plugs, light-emitting diodes and front and rear console ports of the el228 make it very easy to carry out instant and rapid transmission and deployment

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