The hottest sky in Kunming is a little gray recent

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Kunming sky has been a little gray recently, and the Environmental Protection Bureau has sent UAVs to explore the reasons.

"recently, the sky has always been 'gray', is the air quality in Kunming getting worse?" Many careful citizens found that on February 11, the sky over Kunming was gray; On the morning of the 13th, the temperature was not low, but the sky was still a little gray, and the visibility was not as high as usual. On February 13, it was learned from Kunming Environmental Protection Bureau that from the afternoon of February 12 to the morning of February 13, several monitoring stations in Kunming had grade III mild pollution. The relevant person in charge of the atmospheric environment management office of Kunming Environmental Protection Bureau said: "it is preliminarily inferred that the change in air quality is due to the high-altitude external transmission outside Kunming. On the 13th, unmanned aerial vehicles were used to further investigate the pollution sources."

several monitoring stations continue to suffer from grade III mild pollution

according to the data of the city's automatic air monitoring station, the concentration of particulate matter in the air has gradually increased from south to north since around 8 p.m. on February 12. From 0:00 on the 13th, several monitoring stations continued to suffer from grade III light pollution. According to the data of "Kunming air quality information release system", at 8:00 on February 13, in the seven national air automatic monitoring stations (Guanshang, Longquan Town, Dongfeng East Road, Biji square, Jindingshan, Chenggong New Area and Xishan Forest Park) in the main urban area of Kunming, Biji square and Guanshang monitoring points had grade III light pollution, and the primary pollutant was PM2.5, Chenggong New Area and Xishan Forest Park, Longquan Town Dongfeng East Road monitoring point is good; At 9:00, the three stations of Biji square, Guanshang and Dongfeng East Road all had grade III light pollution, and the primary pollutant was still PM2.5; At 10:00, the air quality of other monitoring stations improved, except that the monitoring points were still slightly polluted at level III

it is understood that the reason lies in the dense SiO2 protective film on the surface. Previously, many parties speculated that the deterioration of air quality in Kunming was related to the "forest fire prevention plan burning" of Yuxi City, although Yuxi forest fire prevention headquarters denied this in an interview with the media. However, according to the air quality monitoring data of Yuxi City displayed by the "azure map" software, the air quality of Yuxi has indeed been affected. From the data of Yuxi No. 1 middle school monitoring point displayed by the software, from 22:00 on February 12 to 4:00 on February 13, the concentration of PM2.5 at the monitoring point exceeded 100 micrograms/cubic meter, of which, the highest value was 172 micrograms/cubic meter at 22:00 on February 12. Click the square meter of relevant parameters set in the new experiment, which has reached the standard of moderate pollution. On February 13, it was learned from Yuxi environmental protection bureau that the current plan of burning has been suspended, and the air quality of Yuxi has improved

it was preliminarily determined that it was caused by the impact of "planned burning" in Yuxi City.

in response to this matter, on the morning of February 13, the relevant person in charge of the atmospheric environment management office of Kunming Environmental Protection Bureau said that it was preliminarily concluded that the change in air quality was caused by the high-altitude exogenous transportation outside Kunming, which was caused by the combustion of biomass, which was simply "burning mountains". From the wind direction and other factors, it may be caused by the "planned burning" of Yuxi, but further investigation is needed to finally determine the pollution source. "From the perspective of joint prevention and control of urban agglomerations in Central Yunnan, we sent a letter yesterday asking Yuxi, Chuxiong, Qujing and other places to stop the burning action. At present, the reply given by Yuxi environmental protection bureau is' the planned burning has been suspended '. We suggest that the burning action be stopped comprehensively so that the experiment can be carried out. At the same time, we hope relevant departments to coordinate all regions and adopt a more scientific way to carry out forest fire prevention and control."

in the afternoon, the person in charge introduced that UAV and other measures have been used to carry out further investigation. Combined with meteorological conditions, fire points taken by satellites, and analysis of UAV pictures, it can be preliminarily determined that it is caused by the impact of "planned burning" in Yuxi City

as of press time, Yunnan Provincial Department of ecological environment has informed Yuxi Municipal government to stop the activities related to "planned burning"

it is understood that in August 2018, Kunming 6 Adopting advanced control technology, Mingshi Environmental Protection Bureau and Qujing, Yuxi and Chuxiong environmental protection bureaus held a symposium on the joint control of air pollution in Central Yunnan Urban Agglomeration and reached a consensus, planning to jointly sign a cooperation framework agreement. At the end of last year, Kunming, Chuxiong, Qujing, Yuxi and Honghe Prefecture Environmental Protection Bureau have jointly signed a cooperation framework agreement; In the next step, we will also issue a work plan for joint air defense and control, explore and establish a high-level joint air defense and control and extensive cooperation mechanism for the governments of the four cities in Central Yunnan, and work together to win the battle for the blue sky and the battle for the prevention and control of air pollution

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