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Skeletons on cigarette packs have a positive effect on smoking cessation

skeletons with cigarettes in their mouths, coupled with the English slogan "no smoking", this group of horror pictures will appear on cigarette packs sold in the Thai market in two months, and occupy most of the cover of cigarette packs. The adoption of this "harmful to smoking" sign is the content of Thailand's new smoking ban that came into effect on March 25. According to the new regulations, Thailand requires cigarette manufacturers and importers to use distinctive Qu Jinping logo to indicate that smoking is harmful to health

as we all know, smoking is harmful to human body. It is reported that smoking is the second leading killer of human death. About 5million people die of smoking every year in the world, more than the sum of AIDS, tuberculosis, car accidents, suicide and other factors. The latest smoking survey results show that at present, smokers over the age of 15 in China have explored the influence of growth orientation, thickness, modified substrate and other factors of MOF film on the performance of MOF film. About 350million people, accounting for 36.7% of the total population, and there are more passive smokers. This figure is rapidly increasing at a rate of 3.5% per year, especially the number of adolescent smokers is increasing rapidly, and the minimum age of starting smoking is 5 years earlier than the results published in 1997

smoking not only burned a lot of money, increased family expenses, increased the burden on families, but also burned their own lives in advance. At the two sessions held not long ago, many CPPCC members actively proposed to call for strengthening the ban on smoking, reducing the proportion of teenagers smoking, and returning a smoke-free environment to society. Indeed, banning smoking in China is just a voice, and tobacco advertisements can be seen everywhere. Except for a few "no silver here 300 Liang" style "smoking is harmful to health" on the cigarette box, the government has not taken effective measures and actions to restrict smoking; Some places with no smoking are in a miasma. Most of the no smoking signs have become deaf ears, and passive smokers suffer from it

according to a recent survey, 80% - 90% of Chinese teenagers know foreign cigarette brands, such as Marlboro, Jianpai, mild seven star, etc. 80% of Chinese teenagers have access to foreign cigarette advertisements. This shows that tobacco advertising is very attractive to teenagers. I think it is urgent to control and reduce smoking among teenagers. How to help smokers (especially teenagers) quit smoking is the bounden duty of the government. In this regard, foreign anti smoking propaganda has done a good job in Resolutely Curbing the new production capacity. For example, this time, Thailand, in addition to putting the skull logo on the cigarette box, has also increased strict regulatory measures, including the inspection of local cigarette factories and warehouses. Cigarette manufacturers and importers who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of 100000 baht, and small cigarette traders who violate the new rules will also be fined 20000 baht. In addition, we should also learn from Canada in North America, Brazil in South America and the European Union to learn from their good experience in this regard. For example, as early as 2002, Brazil began to print pictures of smoking ban on all cigarette packages in the country, to remind smokers of the dangers of smoking before lighting cigarettes every time. These pictures include all kinds of serious consequences caused by smoking, which will exert great psychological pressure on smokers

secondly, it is necessary to cancel all tobacco related advertisements published in television, newspapers and other media across the country, and instead increase the public service advertising publicity of the harm of smoking to human body. It is known that more than 50million people worldwide will die from tobacco related diseases - heart disease, emphysema and cancer. In fact, most smokers still want to quit smoking (most of them are discouraged by family members), especially the middle-aged and elderly, who want to be healthy and live a long life with age and physical decline and other factors. If we can help them get rid of the bitter sea and successfully quit smoking, it will benefit the present age and contribute to the future. I personally believe that public opinion guidance is crucial on the issue of smoking ban. Recently, Sudan red, which has been making a lot of noise, contains carcinogens. People are almost panic about this kind of food. Many people stay away from "red" food for fear of getting sick; Cigarettes also contain carcinogens to human body. Why do people love cigarettes? To some extent, this is related to the misleading and ineffective persuasion of government departments

last year, the European Union launched a campaign to publicize that smoking is harmful to health, and launched more than a dozen posters with pictures and slogans, such as: smoking causes lung cancer, protecting children from inhaling your second-hand smoke, and so on; The EU also suggested that Member States print these posters on cigarette packages at the same time, hoping that these shocking pictures can arouse people's vigilance. These pictures really make people feel terrible and creepy from the heart, especially the display of human lungs. Smokers' lungs are full of holes and sores, like rotten tomatoes exposed to the sun! After reading this picture, I made up my mind to quit smoking for more than ten years

China is the largest country in Asia and the country with the largest number of smokers. The number of Chinese male citizens smoking accounts for 61%, and one third of the cigarettes in the world are consumed by China. Therefore, we must not fall behind people on the serious problem of smoking ban, and we must not take good measures to stop and reduce smoking citizens as much as possible. Although the tax on cigarettes is considerable, accounting for a large proportion of national income, the losses caused by smoking are also huge. In order to eradicate poverty, reduce disease and death, and enhance people's physique, we should declare war on smoking like other countries in Asia

practice has proved that as long as the government takes anti smoking measures, it will be able to achieve results. After Canada adopted smoking ban rules, 17% of smokers quit smoking; Thailand is the most active country in promoting tobacco control. Just 14 years ago, 55% of Thai men smoked, which fell to 37% last year. Smoking is harmful but unhelpful. For the sake of the life and physical health of 360million Chinese smokers and 5million young smokers, as well as the physical and mental health of more second-hand smokers, I hope that the government departments can get out of Taiwan early and the effective smoking ban policies and regulations will control the number of smokers within a limited range, which will certainly win the support of a great majority of the people

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