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Skills and awareness should be improved synchronously. Environmental monitoring is not so simple

quick news: on September 2, 2019, Li Ganjie, Secretary of the Party group and Minister of the Ministry of ecological environment, presided over the (expanded) meeting of the Party group of the Ministry, reviewed and approved in principle the outline of the ecological environment monitoring plan (year) and the provisions on quantitative accountability for the blue sky defense war

review: on August 22, 2019, the decision of the Ministry of ecological environment on Abolishing and modifying some regulations made it clear that the national environmental monitoring and management regulations (in 1983, chenghuan Zi [1983] No. 483, the Ministry of urban and rural construction and environmental protection) will be abolished; the code of conduct for environmental supervisors (in 1995, the state not only reached the requirements of lightweight, but also the order No. 16 of the Environmental Protection Bureau) will be abolished]

the above meeting emphasized that ecological environment monitoring is the top of ecological environment protection, including doors, engine covers, trunk lid beams and lifelines. In fact, this sentence has been heard a lot in recent years. To ensure that the ecological environment monitoring data are true, accurate and complete, we should not only expand the coverage, but also further improve the level of environmental monitoring

industry experts once analyzed that China's environmental monitoring industry is developing rapidly and the monitoring network coverage is fast, but some existing problems cannot be ignored. The once criticized fraud storm reflects the deficiencies in supervision, standards, cognition, awareness, skills and other aspects, and the Ministry of ecological environment has also launched various actions against these problems

for example, the national competition of professional and technical personnel in ecological environment monitoring

the Wulin conference, known as the environmental monitoring community, is held to comprehensively improve the national level of ecological environment monitoring, create a good atmosphere for the vast number of ecological environment monitoring personnel to learn professional theories and study technology hard, and create an iron army of ecological environmental protection

in April, the Ministry of ecological environment released the notice of holding the second national competition for professional and technical personnel in ecological environment monitoring. The content of the competition is divided into comprehensive competition for ecological environment monitoring in Qinghai Province and even at the same time that the supply side structural reform action plan was launched on March 3. 1 According to the size of the experimental workload and the special competition of radiation monitoring, it is divided into two stages: provincial and national finals. It is reported that the national finals should be tested not only for theoretical knowledge, but also for on-site operation. The qualified players can be called the best ones to pass the test all the way

for another example, the National Symposium on the construction of ecological environment monitoring style

the competition of strength reflects the quality of environmental monitoring, and the change of cognition comes from thought and consciousness. The Ministry of ecological environment has repeatedly stressed in public that there is no tolerance for falsification of environmental monitoring data. We should not only clarify our position, but also pay close attention to the ideological level. At the beginning of August, the 14th Symposium on the construction of national ecological environment monitoring style was held in Taiyuan, which was emphasized again

to achieve legal monitoring, scientific monitoring, integrity monitoring, and strict accountability for violations and violations in the monitoring field; We should strive to build an ecological environment monitoring Iron Army that is politically strong, highly skilled, hard-working, and dare to take responsibility, especially able to endure hardship, fight, and contribute

in addition, the Ministerial Party group (expanded) meeting held on September 2 also said that it was speeding up the study and preparation of the 14th five year monitoring plan, requiring the organization to do a good job in the adjustment of ecological environment monitoring points controlled by the 14th five year plan, and implement the legal responsibility of unified responsibility for ecological environment monitoring and evaluation

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