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Skinetta launched a new terminal packaging system

skinetta is a professional equipment manufacturer of terminal packaging system located in ottobeuren, Bavaria, USA. The R & D and production of its new terminal packaging system has effectively optimized the performance of the equipment, improved the flexibility and production efficiency of the equipment, and reduced the floor area of the equipment

using two six axis industrial robots, skinetta's new terminal packaging equipment can complete various packaging tasks in the most limited space, such as pallet filling, plastic film outer packaging, American cartoning, etc. As Mr. hansjorgniemann, President of skinetta, said, "the most prominent feature of this equipment is the unexpected development of a special optical instrument specially used to check the notch processing quality of Charpy V-shaped and U-shaped impact samples. It is highly flexible." The diversification of molds and the optimized combination of characteristic packaging schemes realize efficient operation

hansjorg Niemann pointed out that the market trend of standardizing many secondary packaging is obvious. As a result, the requirement of customized cartoning scheme for customers has also been greatly improved. We have formed technical cooperation partners with international pharmaceutical enterprises. Skinetta's strong technical R & D personnel take practical application as the starting point, combine the customer's requirements with the equipment development process, and successfully promote the customer's packaging concept to the market. Mr. hansjorg Niemann believes that this decision has proved to be very valuable. "A high degree of flexibility and production efficiency is first of all the initial operation and future protection of the fatigue testing machine into the factory. Detailed understanding: it is based on simple and rapid mold replacement. The following is the new skinetta terminal package: the flexibility of the installation equipment can be almost effortlessly comparable to manual operation, but the final packaging effect is far beyond the level that manual operation can achieve in any aspect."

using mature terminal packaging modules and skillfully combining them with advanced automated robots, a new generation of efficient and flexible terminal packaging equipment came into being. What it can do is not only arrange the products into the box, and then move the sealed box up or down the pallet as required. More and more customers will require some additional modular functions to be added to the traditional cartoning, such as labeling, scanning, weighing, sampling inspection, sample removal or reflux, etc. All these additional functions can be completed by skinetta's new terminal packaging equipment. For skinetta, the modular design of different types of machines means that all these additional functional modules must be added to the main equipment at any time after the main equipment is put into operation. (end)

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