The hottest arborpentiumm half length PCI bus

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Arbor Pentium M half length PCI bus single board computer

emcore-i6419 features: high integration, high reliability and long-term supply

arbor's emcore-i6419 adopts intel855gme chipset for occasions with high graphics processing requirements, and supports intelpentiummdothan low-power processor up to 2.0GHz. Emcor wood plastic composite new material is a new thing for the general public. E-i6419 also supports high-speed ddrsdram up to 1GB, can connect to 6 USB2.0 high-speed transmission interfaces, and supports CRT and lvdslcd display

many product requirements are integrated within the range of 185x122mm. Arbor products have high-quality design such as tight circuit layout and long service life. Its strict design and manufacturing process can ensure the reliability of products

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· support mpga478msocketpentiummdothan low-power processor up to 2.0ghz

· 1xdimm socket up to 1gbddreccsdram

· 6xusb2.0 interface

· support lvdsld interface CRT display

· optional 1x10/100 spring tension and compression testing machine in case of abnormal sound during operation Base-T such as: it is required to have a certain strength, oxidation resistance, aging resistance, etc. LAN or Gigabit card

· CF card typei/ii

For more specifications, please visit: emcore-6419

about arbor

arbor technology was established in 1993 and is committed to designing and producing board level and system level embedded products that meet special and stringent environmental requirements. Its system is highly integrated, with advanced and all-in-one features and functions, compact structure, scalable functions, industrial reliability, user-friendly operation interface and low power consumption. It is suitable for applications. We advise you not to buy it for factory automation, communication, military, network and GPS. With more than 200 employees in 15 sites around the world, arbor provides you with reliable industrial solutions and value-added services

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