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Aramid fiber project has become the future highlight of Yantai spandex.

intermediate aramid fiber is an excellent flame retardant, high-temperature filtering and insulating material. The domestic demand is about 10000 tons, with an annual growth rate of more than 30%. At present, the domestic effective capacity is less than 8000 tons. The company now has a capacity of 5000 tons, with a gross profit rate of 35%, and is the absolute leader in the domestic aramid industry. Reifenhuser has a large space to replace imports in the future. Reifenhuser takes rethinking as the theme. The 3000 ton differential meta aramid project invested and constructed by the company is progressing faster than expected, and it is expected that two lines will be put into operation in the fourth quarter of this year, with a total of about 800 tons; The rest are expected to be completed in March 2012. In the future, the company's Aramid 1313 will increase its share in the application field of protective clothing, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products and consolidate its position in the domestic market

In addition, the special Atlas of relevant building structures and construction technical guidelines have been formulated.

para aramid is one of the high-performance fibers with the most superior performance and the highest technical barriers. It is mainly used in personal protection, friction sealing, optical cable reinforcement and composite materials. At present, the domestic demand for para aramid fiber exceeds 4000 tons, which is mainly controlled by imported brands such as DuPont and teiren. The company's 1000 tons of para aramid fiber production capacity has been successfully put into production. As the only domestically produced para aramid fiber production line that can directly print out the measurement data with an external printer, it has effectively broken the monopoly of foreign companies on the domestic market. As the selling price of external aramid fiber is more than 200000/ton, and the gross profit rate is as high as 40%, the production of para aramid fiber significantly enhances the profitability of the company

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