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Arc consultants released the IO module Global Market Research Report

in the context of economic recovery, Fierce market competition leads to shape memory performance and biocompatibility (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 show a sharp decline in the price of IO modules, which will also promote the vigorous development of the IO module market.

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compared with other automation markets, the IO module market has entered a mature stage, but has not yet undergone a wide range of restructuring and integration. There are many suppliers in the market, and they show their unique advantages with special function block strategies and overall solutions. Generally, IO modules provide The various benefits and strategic advantages of the company can help the company better reflect its own characteristics. Floriang ldner, an analyst of arc Consulting Group, pointed out in his "IO module Global Market Research Report" that the strategies to help IO module suppliers realize differentiation include penetrating the industry application experience and knowledge that the load that can be reached by each load is fundamentally unchanged, the simplicity and price of system migration, etc. Although the speed or robustness of the module can bring great benefits to users, the price is always the key, and the product price will continue to decrease

measurement demand tends to increase in diversification

measurement demand tends to increase in diversification in recent years, and the growth rate of various special function IO modules is higher than the average. Arc consulting group predicts that under the combined effect of several major factors, the growth trend will continue in the foreseeable future. Among them, obtaining more production process data is the main driving factor, which will make more efficient use of resources in enterprise production and better quality measurement. In the long run, these two aspects will have a positive impact on Io module requirements. Increasingly stringent laws and regulations have forced manufacturers to increase investment in measurement technology, while the decline in the prices of IO modules and measuring equipment components partially offset this additional company, and has maintained a close and stable cooperation relationship with many well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions

io module refresh cycle is progressing.

response time of input or output signals is sometimes referred to as IO refresh cycle. In an industrial network, this time is the sum of the delay time including the response time of each IO signal. In the past, the network has always been the bottleneck of IO refresh speed. However, in the last 10 years, the application of Ethernet based high-speed network has greatly shortened the response time of the network, and the IO module itself has become the bottleneck of IO refresh speed. Based on this, many mechanical equipment fields also put forward higher requirements for response time, which prompted many suppliers to develop IO modules with microsecond refresh speed

Western Europe: the center of automation industry

Western Europe not only has many automation suppliers, but also a considerable number of machinery manufacturers and system integrators. Although the long economic crisis has seriously affected the automation/machinery manufacturing cluster focusing on discrete manufacturing, there are also several major factors that have cushioned the current economic downturn: 1) the EU is a diversified region; 2) The real estate crisis here is relatively mild compared with that in the United States; 3) European countries have complete social systems, which can stimulate personal consumption; 4) Banks in some countries have not invested in the subprime market; 5) Corporate financing is relatively independent of the capital market. In the current period of economic recovery, European exporters have benefited a lot from emerging Asian markets. In 2009, China's import of automation equipment from Germany increased by as much as 20%, meeting its strong demand for automation equipment

for detailed information about the research report, please visit the column "Market Research" on the Chinese page of arc consulting group

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