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Arbor introduces the industry's first Intel 945GM chip level core 2 Duo comexpress module

China industrial control information ar then cleans the surface of the experimental machine bor introduces the industry's first Intel 945GM chip level core 2 Duo comexp module, which also needs to do a good job in after-sales and corporate image

recently, arbor technology, a leading manufacturer of embedded industrial computers, announced that, Launched the industrial computer module product of Intel Core Duo/core2 duo com express specification - emetxe-i9455

it is understood that the new com express module architecture is based on Intel 915gm and 945GM chipsets, and can support PCI Express expansion interfaces and Pentium m/celeron m, core duo/core 2 Duo processors. The emetxe-i9455 launched by arbor this time is the first com express CPU module of core duo/core 2 Duo based on Intel 945GM chipset in the industry

arbor emetxe-i9455 has standard module PTF, up to 10 ⑴ 5 times of traditional pet2 carbon oxide barrier performance, replaceable socket processor, supports BGA type processor, and its single 200pin DDR Ⅱ SDRAM SO-DIMM socket can support 2GB of system memory. The product integrates PCI Express x16 and can expand various display interfaces; It also has a single PCI Express high-speed Gigabit Ethernet controller, two IDE drives, two SATA ports (STA Ⅱ 300mb/s), four PCI, four PCI Express X1 devices, and one PCI Express x 16 device


· support Intel Core Duo, core 2 Duo core CPU, fsb533/667mhz

· support DDR2 400/533mhz SDRAM, up to 2gb

· support 18bit dual channel lvds

· support 8 high-speed USB2.0 interfaces

· support 4 PCI, 4 PCI Express x 1 devices and 1 PCI Express graphics card



· cpu: Intel Core duo, core 2 Duo core CPU, Fsb533/667mhz

· memory: 1 x 200pin SO-DIMM socket, supporting up to 2GB DDR2 400/533mhz sdram

· chipset: Intel 945GM + Intel ich7m

· bios: Phoenix award PNP flash bios

· ATA/ide: 1 x ultra DMA 100, supporting 2 ide drives; Support 2 x sataii (300mb/s)

· watchdog: level 255

i/o interface

· serial port: 2 x TTL (16550 compatible), IrDA supports

· parallel port: spp/epp/ecp mode (share port with floppy drive)

· software drive: support a software floppy disk drive (share port with parallel port)

· usb: 8 x USB 2.0 compatible

· keyboard/mouse: 1 x ps/2 keyboard and mouse


· chipset: Realtek 8111b 10/100/1000m network control chip


decoder/decoder interface: AC '97 HD audio, alc882 control chip, Support HDA sound effect


and statistics and processing of experimental data

· display chip: integrated Intel graphics accelerator (GMA950) or external PCI Express x16 graphics card

· display interface:

crt display support QXGA up to 2048 x 1536

lcd display support 18bit dual channel LVDS up to uxga 1600 x 1200

tv output support ntsc/pal dual display mode, Support independent dual display

mechanism and environment

· operating temperature: 0 to 60 ° C

· storage humidity: 5 to 95% non condensing

· size (length x width): 125x 95mm (4.9 "x 3.7") For a long time, arbor technology has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of embedded products. The emetxe-i9455 launched by arbor this time is the first com express CPU module in the industry that can support Intel Core Duo and core 2 Duo cores. At present, emetxe-i9455 has been successfully applied in various fields at home and abroad, such as multimedia, security, monitoring, medical treatment, military industry and so on

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