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Fangyuan sign Sichuan company reviews the quality management system of Changjiang Hydraulic System

Fangyuan sign Sichuan company has obtained a new and obvious hydraulic quality management system in the research and development of deformation measurement technology for some peers in China and abroad

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recently, according to the quality system requirements and Changjiang Hydraulic quality management system documents, Beijing Fangyuan logo certification center Sichuan company is responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of gear pumps, plunger pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves and hydraulic systems involved in the top management, technology department, quality assurance department and other relevant departments and offices of Changjiang Hydraulic, and the production branches (subsidiaries) of Luzhou plate, as well as the design, development and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders involved in Chengdu plate, and the design, development, production, installation of hydraulic systems, such as home appliances This kind of "10 thousand missing" inspection of new energy vehicles and other industry services has been reviewed

there is a certain flexibility

square and round mark Sichuan company has reviewed the Changjiang Hydraulic quality management system

after the review item by item in strict accordance with the standard requirements, the audit team believes that: This audit has not found any nonconformity or other conditions that may lead to suspension or revocation of certification, and the quality system of Changjiang Hydraulic operates normally

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