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Arab paper exhibition attracts many product suppliers. On September, 2007, Arab international paper, printing and processing industry exhibition will be held in Dubai International Exhibition Center. This exhibition will bring together suppliers, traders, agents, processing manufacturers, printers and importers from the whole Middle East Gulf region, including Africa and Central Asia The exhibition can meet the purchasing needs of enterprises from raw materials to complex machinery, equipment and technology to finished paper, tissue paper and paperboard products

Mr. satishkhanna, general manager of A1 fajer information service company, the organizer of the exhibition, said: "the main purpose of the Arab paper exhibition is to bring breakthrough innovation to the growing demand in the paper, printing and post press processing fields in the Middle East, so the exhibition is positioned to promote technological innovation, new products and new technologies.

? The holding of the Arab Paper Exhibition in 2007 is timely and appropriate." timely " It is because these fields are undergoing important innovation and development to meet market demand. "Suitable place" is because the UAE has become an important printing and processing center in the Middle East

? This exhibition will provide a sales channel for printing manufacturers and look for new agents and distributors Increasing brand awareness, expanding business investment and clarifying the fatigue test of weld metal and welded joints will become the key development direction of plastic enterprises in the future. Methods gb/t2656 ⑴ 981 overseas export market will be an opportunity to improve the company's image. At that time, manufacturers from Canada, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Britain, Italy, India, Ireland, Egypt, China, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia and other countries will allow you to enjoy the discounts in the discount. It is expected that more than 20000 traders will be invited

The Arab paper industry exhibition is one of the exhibitions officially supported by Dubai chamber of Commerce and industry, British Paper Technology Association, China printing and equipment industry association and other industrial associations. The machinery manufacturers association of India printing and packaging Union, one of the co organizers of the exhibition, will organize Indian exhibitors to participate in the Arab paper exhibition. China printing and equipment industry association will organize Chinese manufacturers to participate in the exhibition and Chinese delegations to visit the exhibition. Entre market and arvelininternational oy of Finland will also organize a post press supplier exhibition group to participate in this exhibition

? The market promotion of this exhibition is currently in progress worldwide. Mr. Satish Khanna said: "the Arab paper exhibition is the only trade event focusing on the growing paper industry in the Middle East to facilitate maintenance and operation in the printing and processing fields. We believe that this exhibition will achieve breakthrough success."

source: China paper

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