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Arc released the Global Market Research Report on process engineering design tools (PET)

in the next five years, the compound annual growth rate of the process engineering design tools (PET) market is expected to exceed 13%. According to the latest research report of arc Consulting Group, the Global Market Research Report of process engineering design tools (PET), the scale of this market has exceeded US $1.9 billion in 2010 and is expected to exceed US $3.6 billion in 2015

at present, the pet market has completely recovered from the economic recession and ushered in vigorous development again. Driven by the strong growth of emerging economies, this market rebound came earlier than expected. These applications are an integral part of the process of designing, creating, debugging, and optimizing assets. At the same time, these tools play an increasingly important role in the operation phase of plants and assets

pet software can help shorten the project schedule, strengthen the asset utility and make the asset run more smoothly. Shortening the project schedule can not only reduce financial expenses and market risks, but also make assets generate income faster. In addition, the optimized design can be directly translated into simpler and safer operation and easier maintenance. The improvement of project efficiency can help the owner/operator and EPC contractor optimize their human resource allocation and focus on the creation of additional value, so both sides will benefit from it

process engineering design tools include engineering design processes and data management used by users in the process industry to design, build, operate and maintain various plants and assets. Most of the tools and applications involved in the pet Research Report are necessary to manage engineering activities within the plant life cycle, which will generate or use engineering data. These applications, together with excellent strategies for properly defining business processes, data integration and interoperability, form the foundation of asset lifecycle management

the rules of the game in the pet field are changing

senior analyst to, for example: in a group of experiments, several experimental films are called "several pieces" and several groups of experiments are called "several batches". Mfiske pointed out in his research report "process engineering design tool (PET) Global Market Research report" that at present, users, suppliers and related technologies in the pet market are quietly changing. Users need simple and consistent interfaces and collaboration tools to support their workflow, while suppliers provide solutions with higher integration and better collaboration, and meet users' needs by broadening the application range of products and enhancing mobile performance. In addition, the cloud computing application trend in pet field is also emerging

improve users' pet experience

whether it is simulation, optimization tools or engineering design tools, users are looking for simple, intuitive and easy-to-use software to support their organization's collaborative operation and natural workflow. As a result, suppliers are re examining their simulation and engineering application interfaces to improve the user experience, so as to maintain existing users and attract new users. In addition, in order to expand the application scope of its application tools, the supplier has also designed different experiences for those skilled technical material testing machines that integrate modern advanced technology into one body users and ordinary users who do not know technology. Technical users need a consistent user interface, while those who do not understand technology need a simple user interface that only provides basic functions

today's complex engineering environment requires designers, engineers and operators to use several different software tools and applications at the same time. Different application tools must be coordinated with the same engineering specifications, so it becomes particularly critical to achieve an intuitive and consistent interface between different tools. At the same time, different tools with brittle fracture or unstable toughness also need to have common functions, such as automatic verification of the effectiveness of input information, registration and audit tracking; Regular engineering support; Greater interoperability when moving information from one phase of a project to another. Improving the user experience and enhancing the ease of use of the software can make it easy for more users to use the software, thus opening up new possibilities for expanding its scope of use

for detailed information about the research report, please visit the column "Market Research" on the Chinese page of arc consulting group

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