The hottest Arco PP plant shut down after FCC

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The person in charge of alco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. said that on May 29, Arco's catalytic cracking unit (FCC) was responsible for providing all propylene raw materials to the 200000 tons of PP unit near Arco, which could not be compared with the experimental machine with other processors. Therefore, following the FCC shutdown on May 26, the company's PP unit will also be shut down

The PP plant with low stability of

carso is a joint venture between BP and Itochu group. BP owns 2/3 of the shares. PP unit will be overhauled during shutdown. Arco hopes to meet the scheduled domestic goods. As for export goods, the company is expected to delay shipment for several days. There must be accurate records, but in the end, the quantity will be fully ensured. After the restart of FCC unit, the PP unit will also resume startup

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