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China's aramid fiber industry leaps to the kiloton level

experts in industrial textile materials and composites Sunjinliang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, announced at the "1000 ton gb/t 6189 (1) 986 hexagonal flower-e aramid fiber industrialization project appraisal meeting for fasteners" held in Changshu yesterday: "Suzhou Zhaoda special fiber technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Zhaoda) The thousand ton para aramid industrialization project, a key project of the National 863 plan, has completed the construction of the production chain in Changshu, realizing continuous operation and batch sales. " With this as a symbol, the aramid industrialization in China has leapt to the scale of 1000 tons, breaking the monopoly of developed countries on this industry

it is understood that para aramid fiber is one of the three high-performance fibers in the world today. It has excellent properties such as ultra-high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and light weight. It has been widely used in key fields such as aerospace, military industry, safety protection, transportation and automobile manufacturing. In the early 1970s, after para aramid fiber was developed and industrialized, only two companies in the United States and Japan mastered its production technology in the world. Suzhou Zhaoda, located in Haiyu Town, Changshu, is invested by 35 private entrepreneurs in Changshu. It is the first unit specialized in the industrialization of para aramid fiber in China. In 2007, the pilot scale test of 100 tons was completed after each experiment, which provided the conditions for the industrialization of 1000 tons

mechanical property test of steel wire and wire rope in order to break the monopoly of foreign countries on Para aramid technology, liuzhaofeng, the general leader of Suzhou Zhaoda aramid project technical team, and his technical team have developed para aramid with complete independent intellectual property rights after thousands of experiments over 10 years. During the implementation of the project, a team of senior citizens, Chinese and youth has been formed. They independently researched and developed raw materials, creatively solved the key technologies in the industrialization of para aramid fiber, and the process technology and product quality have reached the international advanced level. The "thousand ton para aramid fiber usually high-tech industrialization project" launched by the company makes China's para aramid material application technology enter the world's advanced ranks in the shortest time

liuzhaofeng told that the research on Para aramid fiber has been a key research project in China since the national "sixth five year plan". After the efforts of several generations of textile scientists and technicians, it has finally realized the full localization and large-scale production of para aramid fiber. He said: "in order to promote the development of China's high-performance fiber, a strategic emerging industry, a large number of products launched by the company have been well reflected since last year."

it is reported that in the R & D process of Suzhou Zhaoda kiloton aramid industrialization project, an independent intellectual property system has been formed, the core process technology and production equipment of industrialization have been mastered, 18 invention patents have been applied for related technologies, of which 8 have been authorized, and the comprehensive technology of the project has reached the international advanced level

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