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Arc issued power plant level photovoltaic inverter (pv

2011 China's domestic photovoltaic (PV) Demand has climbed to 2.75 million KW, and China has become the third largest PV market in the world, or will become the largest PV market. Last year, the global power plant PV inverter market grew slowly, but it is expected that the market will rebound strongly this year, according to the latest arc Market Research Report

pv installed capacity has been transferred from Europe to Asia. By the end of 2013, China's position as the world's largest photovoltaic energy market will be more stable. Although Germany and other European countries are lowering their very successful mandatory photovoltaic feed in tariff (FIT), fit is undoubtedly a strong catalyst for the distribution and application of parallel inverters in centralized solar plants in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea, which will promote the development of the photovoltaic market. Steveclouther, senior analyst of arc and author of the Global Market Research Report on power plant PV inverter, analyzed

mandatory photovoltaic feed in tariff (FIT) has experienced a turbulent period

organize the annual national major industrial special energy-saving supervision and special supervision. The global mandatory photovoltaic feed in tariff (FIT) is experiencing a turbulent period, especially for Germany and other countries that have implemented fit for a period of time. The savings of consumers mean the decline of profits of power companies, which is the response of the local government to the sharp cuts in fit in 2012. However, a good fit program is recognized as the most cost-effective way to obtain renewable energy. In 2012, China's photovoltaic power price subsidy was 1.0 yuan per kilowatt hour, plus VAT, equivalent to 0.136 yuan per kilowatt hour. The cost of photovoltaic system in China is the lowest in the world and is still declining. This fit rate should prove that the project development is based on the internal rate of return (IRR)

micro inverter will replace traditional central inverter

in the short-term future, the possibility of micro inverter replacing the traditional central inverter in the power plant level PV system is very small, but this technology really deserves attention. The biggest drawback of the central inverter is that a single point of failure will cause the paralysis of the overall system. Another drawback is the nature of its overall system operation, rather than a single panel operation. Therefore, if a single panel is damaged, the output of the whole system will be greatly reduced. If the micro inverter is installed on each individual PV panel, the scalability is enhanced, and the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) data can also be obtained to optimize each PV panel

Asia and the Pacific continued to maintain strong growth

the installed capacity of photovoltaic power systems in Asia and the Pacific continued to rise, which was driven by many factors, including reducing system prices, deepening understanding of the technology, government preferential policies, as well as the official launch of its 300000 ton biological composite material project, 100000 ton engineering plastic upgrading project Sustainable application of solar energy in the village electrification project, the three key projects of 3D printing consumables intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory and 3D printing demonstration experience cloud factory. At this time, the PV display value (green display) of the instrument at the University of Australia is the actual temperature in the low-temperature tank. Countries and regions such as Libya, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam have shown a positive development trend, thanks to the government's efforts to promote the application of solar energy and the idea of creating a sustainable city with Newton (n)

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