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Today, when design is paramount, lighting is also quietly experiencing a fashion revolution. The surprise that a lighting brings to space lies not only in its own shape, but also in its treatment of light

sanitary ware refers to the utensils used by people to wash or wash, which are used in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, such as face washers, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, etc. It is mainly made of ceramics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, plastic, artificial marble, stainless steel and other materials

eight factors that should be considered when choosing sanitary ware:

1. Choose a home market that consumers are satisfied with or trusted by after-sales service

2. Shop around. For goods of the same style and brand, we should comprehensively consider the quality, price, service and other aspects

3. Ask the merchants for the inspection report of environmental protection materials

4. The color of the face wash, toilet and bathtub of the sanitary ware should be consistent, and its style should be coordinated with the color matching of the floor tiles and wall tiles in the bathroom. Generally, the color and luster of bathroom sanitary ware should be similar, and the triple faucet of washbasin, faucet and bathtub should choose the same brand and style to be harmonious

5. Whether the toilet saves water does not completely depend on the size of the water tank, but mainly on the design of the toilet flushing and drainage system and water tank accessories. Some toilet cisterns are very small, but their flushing performance is very poor; Some toilet cisterns are not small, but the water storage line of the cistern is very low, and the flushing performance is very good, which can also save water

6. Generally, the glaze of high-quality sanitary ware is bright and clean, without color difference, pinhole, lack of glaze and other phenomena. The sound made by knocking ceramics with hard objects is clear. In addition, when choosing sanitary ware, the elderly and children in the family should also be considered, and the bathtub should be equipped with handrails and anti-skid measures

7. The name, specification, quantity, price, amount, etc. of the sanitary ware must be indicated on the invoice and contract

8. Know the name, address, contact person, telephone number, etc. of the sales department and the manufacturer, so as to contact and solve quality problems in time





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