Interior decoration interior wall coating strategy

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1、 What are the current types of interior wall coatings for interior decoration?

one is low-grade water-soluble coatings, which are made by dissolving polyvinyl alcohol in water and adding pigments and other additives. In order to improve its performance and reduce costs, many ways have been taken, with many brands. The main products are 106 and 107803 interior wall coatings. The disadvantage of this coating is that it is not water-resistant and alkali resistant, and the coating is easy to peel off after being affected with moisture. It is a low-grade interior wall coating, which is suitable for general interior wall decoration. This kind of coating has the advantages of low price, non-toxic, odorless, convenient construction and so on. Dry wiping can't remove the powder. Because its film-forming material is water-soluble, it will always leave some traces after scrubbing with wet cloth. Its durability is not good, and it is easy to yellowing and discoloration, but its price is cheap, and the construction is also very convenient. At present, the consumption is still the largest, accounting for about 50% of the market. It is mostly used for the interior wall decoration of medium and low-grade rooms or temporary rooms

the second type is latex paint, which is a kind of film-forming material with water as the medium, the aqueous solution of acrylate, styrene acrylate copolymer and vinyl acetate polymer as the film-forming material, and a variety of auxiliary components are added. Its film-forming material is insoluble in water. The water resistance and weather resistance of the film are greatly improved compared with the first type. After wet scrubbing, there is no trace, and there are different decorative types such as flat light and high light. At present, the decorative effect is similar to that of category 106 due to its less colors. In fact, these two kinds of coatings are not at the same level at all. They are medium and high-grade coatings. Although the price is relatively expensive, they occupy an increasing market share because of their excellent performance and decorative effect. A good latex coating layer has good water resistance, alkali resistance and washability, and the coating will never peel off after being affected with moisture. Generally speaking (under the same conditions of pigment, volume and concentration), styrene acrylic emulsion paint has better water resistance, alkali resistance and scrub resistance than ethylene propylene emulsion paint, and ethylene propylene emulsion paint is better than polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint (commonly known as emulsion paint)

the third type is currently very popular colorful coatings. The film-forming material of this coating is nitrocellulose, which is dispersed in the aqueous phase in the form of oil in water. A single spray can form a variety of color patterns. In recent years, another kind of porcelain like coating has appeared, which belongs to the fourth category. Its decorative effect is delicate, bright and clean, elegant, and the price is not high, but the construction process is complicated, and the wet rub resistance is poor.

Second, how to judge the quality of latex paint.

after opening the cover, the truly environmentally friendly latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless, so if users smell pungent odor or industrial essence flavor, it is not an ideal choice. After a period of time, the surface of genuine emulsion paint will form a thick elastic oxide film, which is not easy to crack, while the inferior product will only form a thin film, which is fragile and has a pungent smell. Mix the emulsion paint with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When the high-quality emulsion paint flows down, it will form a fan shape. Touch with your fingers, the authentic latex paint should feel smooth and delicate. The real latex paint has no pungent smell, while the low-grade water-soluble paint of fake latex paint may contain formaldehyde, so it has a strong pungent taste

secondly, a little paint can be brushed onto the cement wall, and the coating can be wiped with a wet rag after it is dry. The real latex paint has strong scrubbing resistance, and one or two hundred times of wiping will not have a significant impact on the appearance of the coating, while the low-grade water-soluble coating will fade when it is wiped only a dozen times. Latex paint is painted on the wall, and the color of authentic products is as bright as new. Look at the ingredients when shopping. The ingredients of high-quality paint should be copolymer resin or pure acrylic resin. Don't forget to look at the shelf life of the product

third, why emulsion paint is much better than solvent based paint

emulsion paint is a water-based paint, and their film performance is much better than solvent based paint. The organic solvent accounting for half of the solvent based paint is replaced by water here, so the toxicity of organic solvents is basically completely solved by emulsion paint. Emulsion paint is made of some polymer aqueous solutions into membrane materials. In addition to water and different types of safe and harmless polymers or polymers, it also contains a small amount of emulsifiers and a small amount of unpolymerized free monomers. Free monomers are some volatile small molecular substances, which have varying degrees of toxicity problems. Now the concentration of free monomers in environmental protection paint is controlled below 0.1%, and the amount of additives is 2% to 3%; The less accounts for only 0.05% to 0.1%. At present, the concentration of toxic free monomers and the dosage of additives in inferior latex paint exceed the standard by dozens or hundreds of times, affecting health. Now the commonly used Huarun paint, Nippon Paint and Dulux paint have reached the specified environmental protection standards and are safe. At present, there are many latex paint brands in the market, and the imported and domestic brands are on the same footing, with fierce competition. Domestic brands with guaranteed quality and good reputation are huarunqi, Aidi paint, meitushi, etc; Imported brands are Dulux, Nippon Paint, Valspar, etc. The washability of these brands is generally not less than 300 times, and some are as high as 2000 times. If the imported brand is “ Green products ”, There is an international certification mark on the outer package, for example, Germany is “ Blue Angel ” Signs; Domestic products should have “ Products certified by China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Commission ” Words can be called “ Green products &rdquo

IV. comparison between imported latex paint and domestic latex paint

at present, imported latex paint in shopping malls is a high-end and high-priced paint. It is only slightly better than domestic latex paint in leveling, fineness, color matching and can opening state. Other indicators are comparable, but the price is 1-2 times higher than domestic latex paint. Imported latex paint has some misunderstood propaganda by users, such as painting more than 8 square meters per kilogram, which is intended to tell people that the cost per square meter is not more expensive than domestic ones. But it is impossible to brush such a large area with 1kg. If the coating is too thin, other properties cannot be guaranteed. Generally, 5 square meters of 1 kilogram of paint is not less. Moreover, some imported latex paints are actually produced by domestic joint ventures and affixed with the trademarks of foreign companies. And there are many domestic latex paints with better quality, but the price is much lower than that of imported paints, which is more applicable to ordinary families. The interior wall emulsion paint is the best choice for home decoration

v. how to choose latex paint according to different parts of painting

the function of latex paint is very important. It is necessary to choose latex paint according to different parts of painting. For example, the latex paint used on the walls of bedrooms and living rooms requires strong adhesion, fine texture, good differentiation resistance and permeability; The emulsion paint of kitchen and bathroom shall be waterproof, mildew proof and easy to wash. Polyvinyl acetate (generally known as latex paint) can be used in the bedroom, but the parts of the kitchen, toilet and balcony ceiling that are prone to moisture should choose a more scrub resistant paint, strong ethylene propylene or styrene propylene latex paint




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