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On July 9, 2015, the 2015 national home furnishing industry dealer survey and the selection of excellent customized home furnishing brands came to an end. Tianzhixiang board won the award of "excellent supplier in the industry" in this event, and achieved a lot

it took more than two months, 207 brands participated, 2455850 people voted, and dealers voted for seven Awards...

in the afternoon of July 9, the 2015 national household industry dealer survey and customized household excellent brand selection and award ceremony co hosted by home hotline and Huiya information was held in the VIP Hall on the second floor of Guangzhou Poly exhibition hall. All major awards were announced one by one, and the event came to a successful conclusion. Tianzhixiang board firmly grasps the new opportunity of industry development, constantly integrates the spirit of innovation into the enterprise development, and finally won the "excellent supplier in the industry"

Tianxiang board industry, also known as Guangzhou tianzhixiang decorative materials Co., Ltd., is a professional enterprise specializing in the production and operation of formaldehyde free furniture panels, melamine decorative panels and furniture supporting materials. Tianxiang board industry was officially established in Guangzhou on August 28, 2002. Since 2002, Tianxiang board industry has focused on the surface processing and production of wood-based panels, and carefully built a professional business enterprise of melamine decorative panels. By 2012, Tianxiang board industry has production bases with a total area of 60000 square meters in Guangzhou, Foshan and Conghua, and has formaldehyde free household material experience centers in Guangzhou Tianjian square. Tianxiang board industry has 19 professional production lines, with an annual output of melamine facing boards of more than 28million square meters. Tianxiang veneer boards sell well in South China, East China, central China, North China and southwest China, and are exported to Southeast Asia, Australia and European and American countries. At present, Tianxiang panel industry is one of the largest enterprises in terms of annual output and sales volume of melamine decorative panels in China

"go deep into channel terminals and find advantageous brands" is the purpose that the "big survey" activity has always adhered to. The activities are compelling and manufacturers' information is exchanged. It is really up to dealers to decide the awards of excellent brands. Winning this award, tianzhixiang board said that it would be a good leader in the industry, set an example for its peers and contribute to the development of the industry





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