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New trends in the development of infant liquid milk homogenizer, sterilizer safety "good helper"

industry analysts believe that compared with traditional milk powder, infant liquid milk has obvious advantages, namely, drinking immediately, no brewing, easy to carry, and it does not need to spend too long in the middle of the night preparing milk powder. Liquid baby milk has deeply grasped the "pain point" of consumers. It is expected that after 2018, infant formula liquid milk will grow explosively

with the decline of birth rate, competition in the milk powder industry has also intensified to a certain extent. Dairy enterprises began to make efforts to develop high-end milk powder and seek product differentiation to enhance their competitiveness. The infant liquid milk or adult milk industry seeks a new trend of product differentiation, and dairy processing equipment such as milking machine, homogenizer, pasteurizer will also become a "good helper" for the production safety of infant liquid milk

the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Dairy enterprises need to seek product differentiation. Dairy experts pointed out in an interview that the domestic infant milk powder market size is about 110billion yuan, of which foreign investment accounts for about 60% and domestic production accounts for 40%. In terms of sales, foreign investment is still dominant at present. However, a few days ago, Nielsen released the report "insight into the market environment of China's infant formula milk powder in 2018", which showed that the market share of domestic milk powder increased from 40% in 2017 to more than 43%, and the sales growth rate increased from 14% in 2017 to 21%

in addition, as JUNLEBAO, Feihe, Aoyou, Mead Johnson, Nestle, Danone and other enterprises have announced their 2018 results, the domestic infant milk powder market has ushered in new changes, and the sales gap between domestic and foreign milk powder brands is gradually narrowing. Some industry insiders said that from milk powder formula, milk source to milk powder processing equipment, domestic milk powder has reached the international advanced level

however, as one of the largest milk powder markets, China's birth population in 2018 fell by 2million, and the demographic dividend was much lower than the market expected. With more and more enterprises registered for milk powder formula, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which also puts forward new requirements for dairy enterprises

according to the National Bureau of statistics, the number of newborns in China last year was 15.23 million, 2 million fewer than that in 2017, and the birth rate was about 10%, down 11% year-on-year. Some people pointed out that with reference to the decline of the birth population, it is expected that the sales of infant formula milk powder will be basically flat this year, and the sales will drop by 2% by 2020. Industry insiders believe that the impact of the decline in the birth rate on the milk powder industry will be highlighted, the competition for milk powder brands will become more intense, and dairy companies will go to high-end milk powder and seek differentiated products

new development trend of infant liquid milk

recently, the infant liquid milk produced by foreign enterprises has obtained the sales license, and the 125ml boxed infant liquid milk launched by them has been sold on the station. Some industry analysts believe that compared with traditional milk powder, infant liquid milk has obvious advantages, such as drinking immediately, no brewing, easy to carry, and no need to spend too long preparing milk powder in the middle of the night. Liquid baby milk has deeply grasped the "pain point" of consumers. It is expected that after 2018, infant formula liquid milk will grow explosively

at present, although infant liquid milk is sold abroad, the advantages of infant liquid milk and the fact that domestic infant milk powder is mainly powdered at present, coupled with the intensification of homogenization market competitiveness, also provide a good development direction for dairy enterprises to seek milk powder differentiation and improve market competitiveness

it is understood that some enterprises have introduced new liquid milk in the Chinese market, which can meet 0. It is a "huge" market for material enterprises! The interior changes the driving experience of the car. In this period of not only looking at the face but also focusing on strength -3-year-old infants' nutritional needs. However, as infant liquid milk has just started in China, its market awareness is low but its potential is promising. Of course, like milk powder, infant liquid milk should also be strictly controlled, loaded slowly and safely

strictly control the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength, and further improve the guarantee quality

for infant liquid milk, many enterprises implement sealed aseptic automatic intelligent production in all links. From milk source, production line, sampling inspection and packing, the whole process of milk processing is carried out under the condition of intelligent production. Generally speaking, each process of milk entering the factory, sampling inspection, measurement, blending, filtration, separation, homogenization, twice sterilization, filling, detection, etc. plays a vital role in the quality of milk. In terms of milk source, intelligent milking robots have been used to replace artificial milking, so that the milk can enter the sealed storage tank at the latest moment after being squeezed out, so as to reduce the pollution caused by contact with the outside world

in the filtration process, tiny impurities such as hay, feed and hair in the raw milk are removed through the filter to achieve the purpose of purification. In the separation process, according to the specific gravity of different substances, the centrifuge further removes impurities and purifies milk through centrifugation. For the homogenization process, the homogenizer uses high pressure to release the pressure suddenly and smash the fat particles in the milk, which can well ensure that the fat particles in the milk are not easy to float, so that the milk "has a uniform concentration" and there will be no stratification of the milk

in the sterilization process, pasteurizer or ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization equipment are used. The former sterilizes thoroughly and fully retains the nutrients in milk. The latter did not destroy the flavor and nutritional value of milk due to the short sterilization time. It is worth mentioning that the top of the milk box adopts ultrasonic sealing technology, which can directly hot melt and bond the plastic interlayer in the liquid milk packaging material without using any glue and adhesive, so as to better ensure that the milk will not be polluted

to sum up, in the face of further intense competition in the dairy market, dairy companies are looking for high-end milk powder and differentiated products. Infant liquid milk may become the driving force of differentiated products in the industry, but enterprises should always check the production safety of liquid milk, and use dairy processing equipment such as filters, homogenizers and sterilization equipment to fully retain the nutritional components of products and ensure product quality, so as to better enhance their competitiveness

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