New development of the hottest spraying equipment

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New development of thermal spraying equipment

recently, China has accelerated the pace of equipment development and production. At present, a complete research and production system has been formed. More than 20 units have been engaged in the development and production of thermal spraying equipment, which can produce various types of oxyacetylene flame spraying equipment and

spray melting equipment; New arc spraying equipment; Complete plasma spraying equipment and spray welding equipment; Various special machine tools; Thermal

spraying air purification equipment, pretreatment and post-processing equipment. There are more than 100 varieties of single machines. The development and production of these products have ensured the development of thermal spraying technology. The more prominent ones are:

1. High speed flame spraying device. At present, high speed flame spraying devices (HVOF), (HVAF) introduced from abroad are ion spraying devices such as

and supersonic, which are characterized by high particle flying speed, high bonding strength between coating and substrate, and low porosity

rate. These devices have been used in aerospace, aviation Metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other industries play an important role. However, the imported equipment mentioned in the above

is expensive, and the fuel (propane and propylene) is not easy to popularize, and the needle becomes a multi-material composite. For the above situation, combined with the situation of China, Sichuan Great Wall Spraying Technology Research Institute has successfully developed a high-speed spraying gun with oxyacetylene flame as the heat source. Due to the limitation of ethyne pressure, at present, although the particle flight speed cannot reach supersonic speed, it is 4-5 times higher than that of conventional oxyacetylene flame powder spraying, and 1-2 times higher than that of atmospheric pressure plasma spraying. Metal and alloy powder can be sprayed. The powder materials include al2o3-tio2-co-wc, polyethylene, nylon and other thermoplastic powder materials. In addition, units such as Xi'an Jiaotong University have successfully developed a high-speed flame (HVOF) spraying device and began to apply it

2. Due to the advantages of arc spraying, such as high bonding strength, low energy consumption and low cost, high-speed arc spraying equipment has been paid more and more attention and actively adopted in China in recent years, especially in the large-area long-term protection engineering of steel structural parts and the thermal corrosion of utility boiler pipes. On the basis of ordinary arc spraying, the Institute for the healthy and rapid development of the armored force engineering robot industry of the national industry university research equipment engineering center and the Xi'an Second Artillery Engineering Institute have recently developed a high-speed arc spraying gun, with an air velocity of more than 600m/s. Its coating bonding strength, porosity and other indicators are better than ordinary arc spraying, which is being further promoted and applied

3. Oxygen acetylene flame metal powder spraying device at present, the oxygen acetylene flame metal powder spraying technology is widely used in China, and almost all large enterprises take it as a means of repairing the old and recycling the waste. Shanghai, Jiangsu,

Wuhan and Sichuan have developed and produced various types of spraying and welding guns, which have been widely used by spraying units. Shanghai welding, cutting and spraying machinery factory has recently improved on the basis of the original qht-7/h flame spray gun, using two sets of nozzles and two kinds of heat sources: oxygen acetylene flame and oxygen liquefied petroleum gas (domestic bottle). Using bottled liquefied petroleum gas as combustible gas can greatly reduce the cost and bring greater convenience to the spraying operation

4. The 621 Research Institute of the Aerospace Corporation has developed a gas explosion spraying device since the 1960s. Now a complete set of gas explosion spraying device has been installed to spray many high-density and high-quality coatings for aerospace, aviation and other military departments. The equipment has reached or approached the level of similar foreign products. In recent years, Beijing Great Wall Titanium Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Ukraine to establish a Sino foreign joint venture Beijing Ti de New Materials Co., Ltd. and introduced Ukraine's explosive spraying equipment manufacturing technology. Now it can produce explosive spraying equipment with computer-controlled three-dimensional walking mechanism. In addition to domestic users, it has been sold to the United States, Taiwan and other regions

5. Oxygen acetylene flame plastic powder spraying device in recent years, using oxygen acetylene flame and boiling powder feeding method, plastic powder can be sprayed through a special spray gun to obtain a flat and smooth plastic coating. This provides a new method for large-scale workers to process an inspection rod, various storage tanks and pipelines to be coated with plastic coatings. For this reason, Shenyang thermal spraying plant, Wuhan

Material Protection Research Institute, armored forces Engineering College, etc. have successively developed different types of flame plastic powder spraying

devices, and carried out large-scale construction, and received good results. Among them, the performance of fsp-ii plastic powder flame spray gun developed by Wuhan Institute of material protection has reached the level of i-spray-jet spray gun of UTP company

6. New plasma spraying gun Tsinghua University and other units have successfully developed qzni high-energy inner hole plasma spraying gun. The power of the gun can reach 75kW, and the thermal efficiency, average enthalpy of plasma jet, jet temperature, spray gun power and powder deposition rate all reach the level of Metco large inner hole spray gun. Recently, Beijing entropy Cole Applied Technology Research Institute has successfully developed bt-g1, bt-g2, bt-g3 new plasma spray guns and bt-ni large bore spray guns. At the same time, it has also developed bt-f1 double barrel ultra-fine powder feeder and physical method cooling system, which has raised the water level of domestic plasma spraying equipment to a new level and shortened the gap with foreign equipment

7. New sand blasting equipment came out. Beijing, Shanghai and other places have recently developed small recyclable sand blasting equipment and large environmental protection sand blasting equipment, which has greatly improved working conditions and reduced environmental pollution, and played a positive role in promoting the development of thermal spraying technology in China

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