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New development trend of packaging paper

with the improvement of commodity packaging requirements, it has been widely extended to the application of high-grade paper, coated paper and composite paper, because they can meet the needs of exquisite printing and appearance. As a result, these papers have high requirements for base paper. The same is true for paper bags. Not only natural kraft paper is used as paper bags, but also white cardboard or other strong white paper has been used to make paper bags. Food packaging paper is more demanding. In addition to meeting the packaging requirements, it must also ensure that this packaging does not contain trace toxic substances. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued the 13th five year plan for non-ferrous metals, focusing on new metal materials

with the enhancement and attention of people to environmental protection, packaging paper is developing towards functionality

anti corrosion: paper made of calcite and activated carbon can be used to make corrugated boxes for transporting flowers, which can absorb hydrogen sulfide that leads to the corruption of flowers

bacteria prevention: inject sterile gas when manufacturing natural pulp. This paper has the function of preventing bacteria from invading and can be used for the packaging of medical instruments

anti oxidation: paper made by beating under weak alkaline conditions can protect calligraphy, painting and books from erosion in acidic environment

moisture resistance: waxed paper can improve the moisture resistance. It can be used to make rainproof bags and dew proof bags for fruit tree seedlings, and the elastic modulus of the material is not lower than 200gp

deodorization: paper made from porous inorganic substances and organic flavonol can absorb ammonia and other odors

heat resistance: cardboard made of specially treated pulp has good heat resistance and water vapor absorption performance, and can be used as a packaging box for microwave food

Nai and successfully acquired the fire of Merck's consumer Center Department: it is made by mixing aluminum hydroxide and natural pulp; Or it is made of phosphorylated pulp and glass fiber, which has good flame resistance

acid resistance: paper made of special pulp mixed with additives has excellent shading and acid resistance

oil resistance: after oil resistance treatment, the inner layer of paperboard can prevent oil from soaking, and the surface of paperboard can be printed with general paint treatment. This kind of paperboard is mainly used for the packaging of greasy food

water resistance: paper made of 100% natural pulp mixed with latex resin has excellent water resistance, folding resistance and friction resistance

water sensitivity: the paper treated with special coating makes the white paper transparent immediately after absorbing water, and the contents can be seen through the outer package without opening the package

fresh keeping: paper made of natural pulp after chemical treatment and absorbent resin is suitable for fresh-keeping packaging

silencing: it is not far from the direction of using non carcinogenic asbestos fiber, waste paper, rags and other low-density paper, which has superior sound absorption, water absorption, heat insulation and cushioning effects

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