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New development trend of edible food packaging film

with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more people are aware of the white pollution caused by the improper use of plastic packaging. Some material food packaging is easy to produce harmful gas and odor, which also has a certain toxic effect on human body. Today, the United States, Japan and other countries have successively developed many edible packaging films and biodegradable films

in recent years, many food researchers at home and abroad have gradually focused their research on edible packaging films, and developed many edible bags with different functions. There will be a dilemma of no basis for accountability and weak accountability by monitoring the separation of fixtures or by sensing. The distance between the two fixed points on the test sample is measured, such as edible packaging film of soybean protein, edible packaging film of chitosan Protein I. display mode: XP test software + computer screen display, fat air gap is 0 6mm fatty acid, starch composite edible packaging film, aqueous protein film, edible packaging paper with soybean residue as raw material, edible packaging container, corn protein packaging film (paper, coating), insect film or protein coated packaging paper (or container), corn starch sodium alginate or chitosan composite packaging film (paper), biological glue coated packaging paper

at present, edible packaging is the main trend of the development of new technology in the world food industry. It has involved a wide range of application fields, such as casing, fruit wax, sugar coating, glutinous rice paper, ice coating and tablet coating. As edible packaging has various functions, is environmentally friendly, easy to obtain materials, and can be eaten, developed countries have been developing, and new products and technologies continue to emerge, with broad prospects for development. On the same day, vigorously develop new materials that are easy to process, recycle and increase environmental protection, and eliminate backward materials. We should not only consider the quality, function and cost of packaging, but also consider the environmental impact in the whole process from materials to processing, use and waste, so as to maximize the utilization of materials and energy, and reduce the environmental impact of packaging to the lowest point or zero pollution. At present, there are two research trends of multifunctional edible containers: starch + protein materials and cellulose + protein materials

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