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Promoting 5g architecture: is it worth the risk to strive for the first place

after the author successfully completed the fourth day of the 2016 world mobile communication conference in Barcelona, which can form instrument systems with different functions, press conferences and booth visits by compiling different utilization software, an obvious theme is in front of me. Some operators are actively planning to deploy pre 5g equipment in many populations by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018, This time is much ahead of 2020, which was previously expected by the industry

almost all manufacturers and operators participating in this conference have prepared their own 5g stories, including hyping the upcoming 5g test (T-Mobile USA), revealing some details about the planned test (at t), or announcing the early test results with complacency (Verizon)

verizon is outspoken about the fact that the company has won the first place in the current 5g deployment competition. The operator announced that it plans to launch several commercial 5g devices by the end of 2017. At present, the company is cooperating with several Asian operators including KT, NTT DoCoMo and SK Telecom. These operators recently established a new group called 5g open test specification alliance. The main goal of this alliance is to share 5g test information among operators, and another purpose is to help develop 5g equipment and product standards and achieve economies of scale

however, almost all operators involved in the 5g standard formulation process rely on their new 3D printing materials to say that the introduction of standards is likely to wait until 2018 before the advent of pre standard equipment; If the 5g standard is still undecided by 2018, it will certainly be completed before the standardized equipment for deployment is ready in 2019. In view of this problem, most experts believe that Verizon will eventually deploy a pre standard 5g network

isn't this very risky? Maybe. Although Verizon 5g manufacturers said that all pre 5g equipment can be upgraded with the help of software as an important part of the tension machine fixture, which is the main device of import and export enterprises for private enterprises and other enterprises, other manufacturers said that there was also a risk that it could not be upgraded. Others believe that even a little risk is unbearable. Indeed, no one is willing to buy incompatible equipment or always faulty networks, especially in the highly competitive market in the United States. The quality of networks in the United States is evaluated by users and regulators all the time

at a luncheon on the 5g theme presided over by the author during this conference, Tom Keathley, senior vice president of network architecture and design of at T company, said: I think the danger in 5g is that if we can't unite and cooperate, discuss and come up with a set of recognized standards, it may eventually lead to a chaotic situation of going our own ways

however, Verizon executives confidently said that becoming the first operator to deploy 5g is not only feasible, but also necessary. Adam Koeppe, vice president of network technology and planning of Verizon, said: we don't want to wait until 2020, or even 2018. We don't think the company needs us to think what we have done on this issue is wise

why is Verizon in such a hurry? According to Kopp, the answer is self-evident: operators need new sources of income. 5g gives people various exciting new use case commitments, such as the Internet of things, smart city functions, and even autonomous vehicle. These commitments include services that can increase the revenue of operators

keyep is not the only Telecom executive to see the huge benefits brought by 5g

Arun Bansal, senior vice president and head of Ericsson wireless division, said in an interview: 5g is a necessary condition for industrial interconnection. Ericsson predicts that by 2020, the total number of connected devices in the world will reach 28billion. Bonsal pointed out that the only way to connect all these devices together is to operate and deploy 5g architecture. He said: developed countries need it to improve GDP, and 5g is also a technology needed for industrial interconnection

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