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Is the "Chengyang" cold chain of imported food packaging safe

release date: Source: Xinhua

recently, imported whey powder used in Tianjin ice cream, chelizi imported from Wuxi, Jiangsu, and frozen chicken wings imported from Zhongshan, Guangdong... Many imported food packages were positive for novel coronavirus nucleic acid. Keywords such as "cold chain", "virus" and "positive" have entered the public view again

"nucleic acid positive" means "infectious"? What are the current comprehensive disinfection and sterilization and detection measures and effects? How to eat cold chain food safely? In response to the hot issues concerned by the people, we interviewed authoritative experts and insiders

nucleic acid positive = infectious? Expert: not necessarily

on January 14, three ice cream samples were found in Tianjin, and the nucleic acid test results of covid-19 were positive; On January 19, the nucleic acid test results of a batch of Brazilian frozen chicken wings in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province were positive; On January 23, the nucleic acid test result of covid-19 on the inner surface of a Chilean imported cherimoya in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province was positive...

-- what does a positive nucleic acid test result mean

"the detection of live virus, dead virus and virus fragment will show that nucleic acid is positive." Fengzijian, deputy director of the China CDC, said

In other words, nucleic acid positive direct expression means that the object has been contaminated by viruses. Su Xu, deputy director of the Tianjin CDC, also said that whether the virus is dead or alive, nucleic acid testing can detect traces of the virus that have been left. For object surfaces or food, even inactive viruses can still be nucleic acid tested "positive"

"the gene sequencing of whey powder samples failed to obtain all genome sequences, suggesting that the virus content may be low or the virus may be incomplete (dead virus)." Taking three samples of whey powder imported from Ukraine used in the production of Tianjin ice cream as a case, Su Xu further explained

-- is a positive nucleic acid test result infectious

Su Xu said that there are cases of nucleic acid positive on the surface of objects, but few cases can be transmitted to people

"a positive nucleic acid result does not necessarily mean that it has caused twice purification of the situation and is infectious." Feng Zijian said that at present, no ordinary consumers have been infected by imported goods contaminated by the virus. In the past, people engaged in handling or food processing were infected, mainly because of the number of contacts and long time

previously, Zhang Liubo, chief expert of disinfection at the China CDC and director of the disinfection and infection control center of the Institute of environment, made it clear that safe and effective disinfection of the outer packaging surface of imported cold chain food can inactivate novel coronavirus, and then contact the surface after disinfection, with a very low risk of infection

According to the exclusive data obtained from the "first line of defense" of entry, as of 0:00 on January 26, the national customs has supervised the port links to vigorously try and promote the preventive disinfection of 14.79 million new energy vehicles and the packaging of imported cold chain food without spraying materials. A total of samples were sampled to detect imported cold chain food samples, and 51 novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive results were detected

the customs, market supervision and other departments have taken the transportation and warehousing of cold chain products as the focus of epidemic prevention and control supervision, and adopted preventive disinfection, centralized nucleic acid testing, special warehouse supervision, cold chain food traceability and other methods to guard the "first line of defense" to enter the country

local governments are also taking action. Taking Shandong as an example, in order to strengthen the supervision of imported cold chain food, Shandong has established a centralized supervision and special warehouse system for imported cold chain food in the whole province at the end of 2020. At the first entry point of imported cold chain food such as Shandong Port, destination city or county (District, city), it has established a centralized supervision and special warehouse for imported cold chain food to carry out nucleic acid detection and preventive comprehensive disinfection

imported cold chain food with negative nucleic acid test results is allowed to flow out of the warehouse. Including food production, sales, catering services and cold storage units, all transport vehicles and employees involved in the import of cold chain food should be registered, and closed-loop management should be implemented, and the whole process can be traced. Imported cold chain food with incomplete "cold chain three certificates" cannot be produced, sold or used in Shandong

"the cold chain tunnel type omni-directional disinfection and sterilization device developed by Tianjin Customs has been put into use." Hou Jinpo, deputy director of Tianjin Customs, said that all products entering the circulation link of the city from Tianjin Port will be disinfection and sterilization, and the follow-up disposal of goods will be strictly carried out. The similar goods of the production enterprises involved will be checked, and the cold chain goods at the port will be monitored and disinfected

as of the 26th, the Customs has taken emergency preventive measures against 41 relevant overseas food production enterprises, and suspended the export to China of 125 overseas production enterprises whose employees were infected by the COVID-19

how to eat cold chain food safely

nucleic acid detection of cold chain food packaging has been repeatedly "caught", mainly due to the following factors: first, most of the contaminated cold chain goods come from high-risk countries and regions; Second, the low temperature resistance of novel coronavirus makes it easier to survive in cold storage; Third, due to the large number of imported cold chain foods, nucleic acid sampling is difficult to find all potential risks

Chen Junshi, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and general consultant of the national food safety risk assessment center, said that COVID-19 is a respiratory infectious disease, not a foodborne disease, and the possibility of novel coronavirus infection through the digestive tract is very small

for imported food, the public should not be too nervous or careless. Industry insiders have repeatedly said that freezing 6 Instrument 1 must be well grounded. During the packaging and transportation of food, it is not ruled out that workers have been infected with novel coronavirus and transmitted to the package of goods through different ways of contact

pangxinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing CDC, reminded that the public should wear masks and gloves when receiving imported goods, and do preventive disinfection for all layers of packaging. After treatment, they should wash their hands in a timely manner. At the same time, the packaging boxes and boxes should be discarded or destroyed in time after disinfection, and should not be brought indoors as far as possible. It is recommended that imported goods be stored for a period of time before use. Cleaning personnel, sanitation workers and other relevant staff should strengthen personal protection and do a good job of health monitoring if they come into contact with imported goods packaging or waste during work

"compared with frozen fish, the storage temperature of fruit is higher, and the virus will not survive on the surface of fruit for too long." Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the risk of infection would be very small if hand hygiene was maintained and raw and cooked food were separated

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