Is it time for the hottest thread to stop falling

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Is it time for the thread to stabilize

recently, the thread steel has fallen sharply by about 200 points from the high level. However, recently, there have been signs of stopping the decline and stabilizing. Then, whether the thread continues to decline or regain the rise, we will analyze from the following aspects

in terms of raw materials

in terms of billets, the current transaction situation of billets is general. The spot stock of Tangshan billet warehouse is about 4050, and the trading volume is limited. The downstream finished products are stronger as a whole. In the short term, the billet price fluctuates slightly

in terms of coke, the current coke spot market is stable and relatively strong, with smooth trading. The mainstream coke enterprises in Xingtai, Hebei province plan to raise the coke price by 100 yuan/ton tomorrow, and then some coke enterprises in Shanxi Province follow up and increase. At present, environmental protection and limited production still exist, and most coke enterprises operate with low inventory. In front of the device, there is a soft tissue parcel that has been shipped at a high level successively, and the steel plant still maintains normal procurement at present

in terms of iron ore, at present, the foreign block ore is still strong, the steel mill's enthusiasm for inquiry is OK, the transaction performance is general, and the price is stable. The bullish mentality of the market has weakened, but the short-term resource shortage has not been alleviated, the supply and demand gap is still in, the market is still relatively strong, the pellet Market Resources in Shandong are still tight, the manufacturers have little inventory, and the short-term price is becoming stronger and adjusted

on the whole, the original experimental machine control and testing system single-chip microcomputer control system seems to be relatively strong in the spot of materials in this experimental machine, and there is little room for further decline

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the factory, in terms of spot goods,

at present, the overall mood of the market is relatively stable, and the fear of heights has gradually dissipated. In recent days, the market has stopped falling and stabilized as a whole. In the short term, Tangshan has introduced a production limit in September that is no less than that in August, plus the peak shifting production plan on October 1, which has given the market a shot in the arm, and the probability of continuing to fall sharply in the short term is small

in terms of futures

as of this Wednesday, futures have not continued to hit new lows for three consecutive days. In the short term, the decline has been resisted. At the daily level, although the short-term rebound did not reach a new low, it still did not break the 5-day moving average, and the upward momentum of the short-term market was poor. At the weekly level, the strong support below is around 3995 points. At present, it is expected that there is a high probability that the futures snail will stop falling and stabilize above 4000 points, but it is still too early to rise

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