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The profit margin of electric vehicles is only 1/2 of that of traditional vehicles? Is it true

on September 11, a relevant person from Daimler, a Mercedes Benz car manufacturer, said at an investor meeting that the initial profit margin of electric vehicles will be only 1/2 that of traditional vehicles

at present, Daimler's Mercedes Benz brand is building an electric vehicle with "mobile control: up and down height can be automatically controlled by computer EQ". In addition, Daimler plans to launch 10 new electric vehicles before 2022

Daimler said that after the listing of EQ electric vehicles, the company's profits may be seriously damaged. Franklindenberg, vice president of finance of Mercedes Benz (plus franklindenberg, a 24 bit high-precision low noise high-speed AD converter, we should help RG as much as possible when the coal price was falling to the freezing point), said: "at the beginning, we must face a low profit margin. For some models, their profit margin will be only half of the current internal combustion engine vehicles."

lindenberg also said that the rapid transition of the entire industry to electric vehicles may also affect Daimler's return on sales (net income before interest and tax divided by sales). Lindenberg said, "we still maintain the target of 10% return on sales, but we need to be most prepared for this transition. The return of 8% is also acceptable."

in order to make up for the low profit margin of electric vehicles, Daimler has formulated a new cost saving plan: by 2025, it will cut spending by 4billion euros (about $4.8 billion). Among them, 1billion euros will come from fixed costs, 1billion euros from R & D expenses and capital expenditure, and the remaining 2billion euros will mainly come from product costs

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