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Is the printer laser or inkjet?

Qin Zhilong, deputy director of the second procurement department of the Shanghai municipal government procurement center, senior engineer

printer, laser or inkjet? It is a meaningful topic to discuss, and the conclusions may be different at different times, but no matter at what time, the viewpoint of life cycle cost should be applied, that is, the rationality of its selection must be measured from the aspects of purchase cost, use cost, product life, disposal cost, environmental protection, etc. In addition, in view of the factors that needle printers and thermal printers are rarely used and used at the current stage, this paper only discusses laser printers and inkjet printers

first of all, there will be some problems in the experimental process. Briefly introduce the working principle of laser printer and inkjet printer. The principle of laser printer is to use laser scanning imaging technology to charge the imaging drum and bring static electricity to attract toner. At the same time, the heating roller heats the paper to melt the toner in the paper, so as to complete the printing process of thermal imaging. The principle of inkjet printer is to control and reduce the total cost of parts by 40% through digital circuit, and the printing process is completed by dot matrix jet printing ink of printing nozzle. The commonly used consumables of laser printers are mainly toner cartridges, while the consumables of inkjet printers are print cartridges and nozzles

secondly, discuss the main basis for choosing a printer, or how to judge whether a suitable printer is selected. The author believes that the main basis for judging whether a printer is suitable from the perspective of use is: printing speed, printing effect (quality), printing cost, printing format, convenience of replacing printing consumables, environmental protection and other factors. The printing speed of the printer is generally calculated by the number of pages printed per minute (PPM). According to the meaning of "innovation" understood by the plastic film blowing machine manufacturer, its printing output speed can generally be divided into three categories: low-speed printer (10 ~ 30 ppm); Medium speed printer (40 ~ 120 ppm); High speed printers (130 ~ 300 ppm) are under the background of significant changes in market demand structure and macroeconomic environment. Many years ago, inkjet printers only occupied a place in the field of low-speed printing. It is not suitable for inkjet printers in the field where the monthly printing load requires thousands of pages or tens of thousands of pages. In addition, the laser printer can realize automatic double-sided printing, while the ink-jet printer originally needed manual mode to realize double-sided printing

finally, let's talk about technology and current inkjet printers. Compared with laser printers, the common impression of inkjet printers is that they are cheap, slow printing speed, poor printing quality, easy to dry ink, easy to block nozzles, etc. A few years ago, this view was undoubtedly correct. However, since 2005, especially after 2009, after a series of new technology inkjet printers came to the market, this view is no longer correct

for example, some companies have adopted new precise micro piezoelectric technology to completely solve the problem of printer nozzle blockage that plagues the industry through bubble elimination system and volatilization suppression system; Precise control of paper movement technology is adopted to ensure reliable print quality and operation and realize double-sided printing; Automatic ink jet head health check, active and passive ink jet head replacement, active print head maintenance technology can ensure print quality; The reliability and stability of the print head manufactured by scalable printing technology have been greatly improved due to the extremely accurate and reliable materials, design rules and manufacturing processes. The problem of consumables has always been a major problem for printers. Now, some companies, in addition to configuring high-volume ink cartridges, also use pigment ink, which can achieve high-quality print output, and prevent fading, waterproof and fluorescent pen smearing, ensuring that the print quality will remain unchanged for decades. Such output quality is very suitable for printing text that needs to be placed for a long time

the ink-jet printer with new technology has broken through the three bottlenecks of cost, speed and quality, making it comprehensively surpass the traditional laser printer in terms of durability, environmental protection and cost. In particular, the new generation of ink-jet printer has the characteristics of low power consumption, low energy consumption and low cost, which is more in line with the requirements of the government to realize the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and the construction of ecological civilization

the author believes that from the perspective of life cycle cost, inkjet printers have a great trend to replace laser printers. Of course, it is not ruled out that after several years, with the improvement of laser printer technology, it will once again become the favorite of the market. The three or five years of leading each other may be a true portrayal of this situation. This is the credit of technological progress

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