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Is food and clothing safe

from June 1 next year, naked rice flour products will not be sold, that is, frozen foods such as dumplings, dumplings, knife cut steamed buns, pumpkin cakes and so on should be packaged before they are sold

although bulk frozen food is cheaper and cheaper than packaged food, there are indeed some problems in terms of hygiene quality. For example, it is unsanitary for you to grasp it, for example, there is no production date, and I don't know whether it is expired. For example, when new goods come, old goods will be pressed under it... The regulation of "dressing" and reselling is also to avoid such phenomena, and to ensure that the food consumption of the general public is more hygienic Safer

although the above-mentioned unsanitary and unsafe possibilities exist in bulk frozen food, many people still have a special preference for this. The reason is nothing more than two aspects. First, the price is low. One more package will naturally cost more. In the case of little difference in quality, for the people who are generally not well-off at present, they still have to live frugally. Second, it is convenient. You can buy as much as you want, and it will not be limited by fixed packaging, so it will not be very wasteful. For the masses, of course, they want to be both cheap and clean. However, if it is not too obviously unhygienic, in fact, when the public buy, they still pay attention to the price, and the new regulations just want to solve the problem of health and safety

some people naturally ask, is it sure to ensure that the things inside are hygienic and safe if they are sold after packaging? Is the plastic paper used for packaging qualified? I'm afraid not. I remember that in order to let citizens eat reassuring tofu, since this year, our city has stipulated that it is not allowed to sell bulk bean products in the market. As a result, more than 100 packaged bean products of steel structure enterprises with a middle-aged capacity of more than 50000 tons have been listed, but the sales market is not ideal. On the contrary, a large number of bulk bean products have changed from being secretly sold to being publicly sold, instead of being completely extinct as some manufacturers in the current market. One reason is that consumers who are used to eating bulk tofu will not change their taste immediately. The more pressure testing machine is mainly used to detect the compressive strength of various solid materials. The main thing is that bean products that are easy to deteriorate are more likely to deteriorate in plastic bags. Consumers can't see or smell them through plastic bags. How can I trust your quality and your price is also expensive. In addition, people buy almost all bean products for a few yuan, and the shaped and packaged bean products are always a few yuan, which is unbearable in price and quantity. It is really hard to say whether the resale of frozen food "dressed" will repeat the mistakes of bean products

the starting point of the problem is to let the people eat at ease. What the people want is to eat at ease food. They only pay attention to the quality of food rather than packaging. Since the joint point is here, we should strengthen the supervision of the food market. What the government should do is to supervise the raw materials, production, processing, sale and other links related to food quality and food hygiene and safety to see whether they comply with the regulations. When it comes to the packaging of products by enterprises, it is necessary to check whether the packaging materials and the requirements of the packaging process for foam granulator meet the health standards. Instead of directly guiding the business behavior of the enterprise, how to produce, what the product specifications should be, whether to package, etc

instead of making great efforts in supervision, administrative means are used to forcibly promote standardization to directly intervene in the production and operation of enterprises. The result is not a headache, a foot hurts, a foot hurts, a loss of one, or nothing is solved. Regardless of the scientificity of the policy, in the long run, the authority of the policy will also be affected. Such things are not uncommon

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