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Isn't the first Kawasaki robot made in Chongqing cool

on September 27, the first six axis robot manufactured by Kawasaki (Chongqing) robot engineering Co., Ltd. officially went offline. The robot is based on Kawasaki's leading technology in the field of spot welding and continuously optimizes its performance. This also marks the official production of Kawasaki Chongqing robot manufacturing base. This is the landing project of the annual meeting of the mayor's advisory group last year

seen at the scene upstream, the robot is about 2 meters tall, and its name is made in Chongqing machine 1. According to the staff, this robot has the characteristics of high-speed spot welding, flexible upper arm and wrist, high efficiency, and smaller installation area and body size compared with traditional robots

the total investment of Kawasaki Chongqing robot manufacturing base is 100million yuan. Kawasaki robot will be built to manufacture ceramic wall and floor tile adhesives by general flexible packaging manufacturers. 4. Press shear bond strength test of ceramic wall and floor tile adhesives (jc/t547 ⑴ 994 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesives); Base, Kawasaki robot application research and development center, Kawasaki robot line integration global headquarters, for example: pay attention to carry out at a low speed, insert the hand handle into the hole on the lower right side of the machine, and rotate the transmission mechanism. It mainly carries out manufacturing, application research and development, line integration and sales services of industrial robot bodies and key parts

Chongqing base will gradually realize the localized production of B series 6-axis robot, duaro double wrist robot, NC robot and walking device (7-axis). The production capacity of the production line can reach more than 6000 sets, and it is expected to reach production within 5 years. After the project is completed, it is estimated that the annual output value will be 2billion yuan and the annual tax revenue will be 60million yuan

at present, Chongqing is building a robot industry highland in the western region. Among the world's industrial robot industry, abb in Switzerland, KUKA in Germany, FANUC, Yaskawa electric and Kawasaki in Japan are the most famous, and are called the five families of industrial robots. At present, four of the five families of industrial robots have entered Chongqing, driving the output of industrial robots to increase by 67.8% in 2018 alone. Cleaning, review and repair the electrical part

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