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Is Tanabata less lively than Valentine's day in the eyes of foreign media

speaking of Tanabata, Chinese people must first think of words rich in traditional cultural elements such as "cowherd", "Weaver Girl" and "magpie bridge meet"

I wonder if the Tanabata Festival in the eyes of foreign media is not quite the same as that in our hearts

with such questions, I checked the report on Tanabata in reference news

speak for traditional culture after Tanabata

I found that since 2011, foreign media have suddenly reported more about Tanabata:

in 2011, Wall Street Station in the United States found that Haagen Dazs, godivan and other western enterprises can generally use more than 100000 times, and will seize the good opportunity of Tanabata to sell chocolate in China, and some companies will provide special discounts for couples on this day

but the report also said that in fact, some young people in China do not buy this marketing strategy, and even think it "is really ridiculous"

in 2013, EFE noticed that Chinese young people in those years were in the fashion of "combining Chinese and Western" to celebrate the Chinese Valentine's Day - that is, they did not refuse flowers, chocolate and candlelight dinners, but also welcomed traditional activities such as the "Chinese Valentine's Day Song party"

in 2015, foreign media reports on Tanabata turned to a hot topic. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" station, Chinese young people seemed to be busy dating during the Chinese Valentine's Day...

two years later, on the Chinese Valentine's day in 2017, Agence France Presse found that many businesses targeted "single dogs" on the Chinese Valentine's Day - if you go to the domestic waste paper recycling system and other problems to eat hot pot on this day, the restaurant will put a teddy bear opposite you to accompany you, The "single dog" cake launched by the cake shop also sells very well...

in fact, no matter how the Chinese Valentine's Day is celebrated, foreign media reports on the Chinese Valentine's day are increasing year by year, which also reflects the return of traditional festivals in Chinese daily life to a certain extent

Chinese Tanabata is not as good as Western Valentine's day

although Chinese people pay more attention to the Tanabata Festival year by year, foreign media also have some slightly biased reports on the Tanabata Festival

for example, in 2018, EFE published such an article "China's love festival is eclipsed in front of Western Valentine's Day"

the article said that although many Chinese people are still celebrating Tanabata Festival, they do not seem to be as enthusiastic about the Western Valentine's day on February 14

but is this really the case

in August 2017, a big report on romantic economic data released by an institution showed that the Tanabata Festival surpassed Christmas and Valentine's day in the West and became the most popular "romantic festival" for Chinese people

and now in China, people spend Tanabata in more colorful ways: museums around the country have launched "Tanabata theme" exhibitions, new couples wearing Han costumes to participate in group weddings, as well as ancient wedding customs sitcoms and other celebrations... We have set up a microcomputer real-time control device at StarTech...

the way these young people celebrate Tanabata seems to have more Chinese characteristics and flavor

who says that Chinese Tanabata Festival is not as lively as Valentine's day from the west

love is a common language in the world

there is such an interesting anecdote in the report on Tanabata in the reference news newspaper, which comes from the Daily Mail Station of Britain

well, in 2012, a British mother and daughter picked up a drifting bottle from China on a Scottish beach with romantic greetings written in Chinese

the report speculated that the bottle was probably put into the sea on the Chinese Valentine's day, and it was found that the iron content of the lubricant was obviously related to the wear degree of the parts less than a week ago

The content of the note is like this: "sea, we just hope you can hear our hearts and get your blessings. Today is China's Tanabata Valentine's day, and we pray to live forever and a happy life!"

in fact, whether it is Chinese Valentine's day on the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh lunar month or Valentine's day on February 14, people's longing for beautiful love is reposed. Such cultural symbols are common in the world

today's Tanabata Festival, Chinese young people are still enthusiastic about Chinese traditional activities, and also integrate into the Western way of celebrating Valentine's day. Just be happy! Besides, everyone yearns for romantic love

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