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New trends in hose packaging

in the past year, the flexible packaging industry has been extremely busy. This is not only because the four mergers and acquisitions involving major hose manufacturers have changed the pattern of the industry, but also because hose manufacturers have provided up to 200million hose products for the cosmetics and personal care market

◆ cheers for new shapes the innovation of tube products (TP) continues to expand under its new owner Kerr group. It is reported that several new products of the company have been patented and will be launched soon. Its new motto "the shape of things to come" shows the characteristics of new products

one of the innovations of hose products in HbA exhibition is "Rectangle", a hose with rectangular cover produced by Zeller plastic. For the cap, a certain length is given to the corners/sides of the hose, and the packaging head is shaped to fit the cap

tp's "gem" is another innovative shape of hose packaging: the six sides from the POLYTOP Corp lid are similar to the facets of jewelry. TP has also recently introduced two types of oval plastic hoses, 1.75 and 2 inches in diameter, with capacities ranging from 2.6 to 9.4 ounces (liquid). This flip over oval distribution cover has a pattern on the guide hose

◆ PCR pipes for green hoses CCL plastic packaging has developed a technology that integrates virgin and recycled resin (PCR) to produce environment-friendly or "green" hoses suitable for cosmetics and personal care products. The recycled content accounts for about 25%-30%; The company can also produce PCR caps with the same proportion of recycled materials

this CCL technology can also control any inconsistencies due to the recycled materials in its patented production process. Aveda, which pays attention to environmental protection, has applied CCL PCR hose packaging in its product series

ccl PCR hoses are available in most standard sizes (.75- to 2 3/16 inch) and are compatible with B, M8, M5, nd20.6, and dome (only 3/4 inch) heads/connectors. Since the outer layer of this kind of hose is made of raw resin, the PCR hose can also be decorated in the same way as the standard resin hose

◆ hose with special tools Ceba hose package with inclined coating top was originally developed for lip products. Now it is also being used in the packaging that will cause fatigue in eye shadow and nail polish removal. It is reported that this enables consumers to use the product directly without touching the product with their hands; The company also provides metal covers for hoses

handsfree applications Inc of the United States, in conjunction with Norden andbro, a hose manufacturer and filler, has developed a delivery system for lotion and gel products, so that some products, such as sunscreens, sun imitations and topical painkillers, do not need to be applied by hand. For example, quickshake, a three in one shaving product of handsfree, contains shaving cream in the hose package, and the two ends are sponge rods and detachable razor blades respectively

◆ flickering hose in response to the current packaging trend of pearlescent and cold light colors, cebal has developed opal color hoses. There are four shades in the sample range, and the colors can be customized at the same time. Single layer and multi-layer coextruded hoses are available in this color range, ranging in diameter from 5/8 to/16 inches

montebello packaging is dedicated to aluminum and composite hoses, and its current trend also prefers slightly shiny or flashing colors. According to the company, in the composite hose, their customers are very interested in the silver laminated material, because it provides a shiny appearance of aluminum hose with the material elasticity of fashionable laminated hose. For the aluminum hose, the final appearance of metal color and pearlescent, plus colorful or transparent cover, is the preferred style of the company's customers

norden andbro is now introducing a high-end oval hose, which takes advantage of high-tech metal labels and custom metal covers, presenting an all chrome look. It is understood that Norden's patented sealing treatment can fully cover the hose, producing a vibrant new appearance. These products are available in 11/2 and 2 inch diameters

◆ improve the decorative ability last August, tubed products added the decorative ability of five color and silk printing to its products. Cebal has also added silk printing capability of up to 5 colors at one time to its products, ensuring excellent quality. The latest decorative achievements from Amcor include coverup, which can produce 360 degree decoration on offset printing hoses. The company said that it was focusing on metallic multi-layer foil and hot stamping products, focusing more on decoration rather than labeling

◆ airless technology cebal's airless hose is a 1-inch circular object, which uses special inserts to prevent airflow from flowing back to the hose. However, when the content product is extruded and distributed, the hose collapses. When the pressure is released, the hose remains collapsed and no air flow returns to the hose. This cutting-edge technology meets the needs of some oxygen sensitive modern care product formulations; Some consumers want preservative free products, which drives the demand for non backflow or/and better barrier packaging

◆ additional barrier lamination Alcan's lamination business has been growing steadily. They have launched tubalflex: a laminated sheet with aluminum foil between polyethylene layers; And cooperate with some customers to reduce the thickness of the aluminum layer from 40 microns to 30 microns, thus reducing the cost without affecting the performance; This is mainly aimed at toothpaste products and some cosmetic applications

alcan also provides more non foil hose laminated products for cosmetics and personal care products according to the impact resistance test requirements in 26.4.2 of GB 3836.1 (2) 010 and the problems encountered in ordinary tests, such as the impact of the hammer head is too large, the drop hammer tube is too large and the prototype (sample block) enters the tube, combined with its patented ceramis materials and other plastics such as pet or polyethylene, It can provide excellent moisture barrier and resistance to bending and cracking

it is said that ceramis is a kind of silicon oxide (SiOx) coated on thin films such as PE, pet or nylon; This film can be applied to the hose as a barrier. Ceramis can be applied in the form of opaque or clear coating; On the clear film, its transparent coating allows the color of the contents to be displayed through the hose. Montebello is applied to the hose packaging of cleartone deep por of CBG enterprises if the iron content in lubricating oil can be determined

ceramis provides excellent water and oxygen barrier properties. According to the company, this kind of plastic barrier lamination has a good memory and can keep the shape without depression. In addition, it provides long-lasting protection and excellent odor barrier performance

◆ cover with additional insurance experts from Canadian MAC closure company have developed the child proof and adult friendly ftc19700, a 20mm hose buckle cover with the characteristics of one hand opening and reinsurance. The company said that at present, no other similar products can be compared with it; Their tests confirmed that children could not open the lid, but adults had no problem. To ensure excellent performance in the use of harsh automotive seals

to open the ftc19700, the bottom skirt must be squeezed on the two arrows that are 180 degrees apart from the front and back. This operation generates enough pressure to deform the bottom skirt, release and open the top cover. When the flip is opened and safely closed, a ticking prompt will be given. Ftc19700 complies with the two-piece thermal induction sealing with PE foam substrate approved by FDA. The thermal induction seal provides anti-theft features, and the foam substrate provides a second layer of seal

in addition, for products that need anti-theft, cebal has introduced a safety shrink film applied to the cover, which is also perforated for opening. Rexam closures containers also provides a one-piece adult friendly and child resistant hose cover specifically for the personal care market, which has passed the CPSC protocol test. This tubelok (t-cr) lid has a push and turn mechanism and is designed for products in the form of cream, ointment and gel

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