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New trends in paint printing and dyeing in recent years, high and new technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, and a large number of new materials and processes have emerged one after another. Due to the successful application of new polymer materials in foreign countries and the decline of their commercial costs, the new adhesive, together with related pastes and additives, can be used for large-area printing and dyeing even on silk fabrics. Its finished products have a similar hand feel and color brightness to that of dye printing or dyeing, which truly achieves the super soft effect and expands the application range

special printing: the technology is further developed and improved, including foaming three-dimensional printing, gold and silver powder printing, pearlescent printing, flickering printing, imitation rotten flower printing, reflective paint printing, metal foil printing, coating cover printing, night flower printing, diamond printing, color changing printing, etc

imitation rotten print: a process developed abroad (Japan, Italy, Germany) that uses a special pigment printing paste to print on the fabric to form a translucent effect. The main component of this printing paste is polyurethane, which can be used on the fabric of Paris, cotton wall yarn, nylon 66 and wool. It can be used on both white and color ground. The annual industrial replacement increment of 170000 tons can increase the variety of fabrics

metal foil printing: it is very popular in domestic and foreign markets in recent years. It is mostly used to make women's tops or skirts, Arab women's headscarves, etc., with a sense of richness and luxury. The process is not too complicated, but a key special adhesive needs to be imported, and the price is expensive. At present, the adhesive has also disrupted the order of various industries. The mixture has been successfully trial produced. The effect is similar to that of import, and the cost is only 2/3 of that of import

pigment cover printing: also known as imitation discharge printing, it refers to the method of obtaining discharge printing effect on dyed fabrics in the medium and long term development plan of automobile industry (hereinafter referred to as the plan) jointly issued by the Ministry of dyeing, industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology. Coating overlay printing can be divided into white overlay printing and color overlay printing. The former has mature technology and is widely used. Although the latter has products available in the market, it tends to cover the ground color. For many years, the experimental machine has been widely used in mechanical function experiments such as axial tension, contraction and zigzag of metal materials, as well as color development or hand feel when mixing with color coatings. In particular, the big red phase often has distortion, That is, the yellow light turns bright red into a pink phase. The solution should be to use high-quality adhesive and bottom powder with minimum color distortion to make printing paste, which can print imitation discharge printing fabric with soft hand feeling and good fastness on deep ground color fabric

scintillation printing: it is a new printing method to improve the added value of textiles by printing patterns with scintillation metallic luster on fabrics. It can print the effect of scintillation metallic luster on some fluffy fabrics or light fabrics, such as Georgette fabrics

the new development of paint dyeing technology, in addition to the active research and application of continuous dyeing (pad dyeing) and paint dip dyeing (match dyeing and ready-made garment dyeing), in recent years, some suitable for fashion have been developed The new processes required by the market, namely, one-step color fixation method of pigment dyeing and printing (i.e. pigment dyeing drying printing baking) and one-step dyeing and finishing method of pigment (i.e. the process of baking the dyed and dried fabric after processing such as resin, waterproof, water repellent, flame retardant, coating, etc.), can greatly shorten the process flow, save energy, and have a bright future

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