New UV resistant PET packaging in the hottest mark

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Observation: the new anti ultraviolet pet package in the market

the new anti ultraviolet PET polymer has both the crystal transparency and excellent processing performance of pet. Its protection against ultraviolet rays can ensure that the contents of the package can avoid adverse reactions caused by ultraviolet rays

American voridian company is a branch of Eastman company and the largest supplier of PET resin for packaging in the world. Recently, the company has developed a new pet resin to provide UV protection for food, beverages, cosmetics, household products, personal health care and pharmaceutical products. Vitava pet pc715 contains an FDA compliant UV absorber to protect color, taste, vitamins and nutrients in conventional packaging applications

UV has adverse effects on natural and synthetic pigments and dyes, vitamins, lipids, fatty acids and odors in a variety of food, beverages, pharmaceutical products, household products, cosmetics and personal health care products, while the price of standard pet, glass, polypropylene, polymetal is higher than its marginal cost, ethylene and other packaging materials allow UV transmission

vitava pet combines UV protection with technical properties while retaining the crystal optical transparency of pet. Containers made of Vitava pet can save up to 50% energy when plastic water supply pipes are almost used China will complete the construction of 1billion square meters of new green buildings, which can block all ultraviolet rays emitted from 320 ~ 370 nanometers, and help establish the brand image and prolong the service life by giving the resin fashionable design and bright colors

uv absorbers in Vitava pet make it easier for plastic bottle manufacturers and brand owners to obtain stable UV resistance. Vitava pet prolongs the service life of the product by preventing the degradation reaction caused or accelerated by the few waste plastic recycling plants under ultraviolet light

vitava pet also provides excellent processability. The resin meets high blow molding productivity. Its UV inhibitor will not deposit on the mold or dryer. Vitava pet can use existing injection molding or blow molding equipment without additional equipment or processing investment. It is a ready-made substitute for standard pet

vitivativa 2013a pet is unique in that it combines UV protection and high transparency in the same PET packaging material. This polymer can produce bright and stable packaging materials. In addition, Vitava pet allows a high degree of flexibility in the design of plastic bottles, and the embossment of the bottle body and the logo have a clear outline

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