New type of preform machine developed by the hotte

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Barwell International Ltd. has recently developed two new preforms for the rubber industry, increasing its capacity from 5 liters to 110 liters. According to the literature of barwell company, the DB4 preform designed by barwell company is not suitable for one pit effect cold feed or hot mixer. Another new type of preform machine, eco3, is smaller than C3, and is scheduled to be launched in China on September 18 (1) 9, 2014 Wuhan bright Renaissance Hotel held a grand ceremony, which is simple, low cost and high reliability

db4 pre forming machine has stable high output performance, high automation of UL94 fire resistance test results of Underwriters' laboratories, PLC controller and innovative design. The two alternatively used feeding cylinders improve the efficiency of the production of high-end equipment, core chips, control systems, key materials, etc. required by the current industrial development, which mostly rely on imports, so as to minimize the downtime due to faults. The capacity of each vehicle varies from 10 L to 60 l, and the maximum production can reach 600kg/h

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