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The new trend of food flexible packaging equipment

the market prospect of food flexible packaging technology and equipment, including preventing impurities from mixing into meters, conveyor belts that can be heated for sterilization, impurities or metal detectors, environmental dust/planktonic bacteria index testers, environmental sterilization lamps, and dust collectors on the surface of various packaging materials; Container forming and filling system under sterile conditions to prevent oil leakage under high pressure; Transparent iron film automatic packaging system for fruits and vegetables to replace the tray (simplified packaging); The utility model is provided with an access pocket of various shapes which can be filled and discharged into the soft bag; High speed PET bottle forming machine and filling system; Containers with a capacity of 1 ton; Aseptic system for rice packaging; All kinds of plastic containers for milk, i.e. 200-500 ml containers with super long service life in international circulation; To prevent it from containing a variety of food or seasoning ingredients; The technology of peeling off between layers of composite packaging materials; The low electronic tensile testing machine combined with circulation conditions meets the national standard of gb/t1447 fiber to speed up the construction of orthopaedic surgical robots. It uses the central method to enhance the tensile properties of plastics and the fiber-reinforced plastic zigzag performance cost packaging equipment; A system in which bag making and filling are carried out simultaneously; Flexible packaging materials that can discharge the gas generated by the instrument, and various functional packaging; It is suitable for all kinds of printing, hologram technology that can not move labels up and down, etc

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