New trend of the hottest carton packaging

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China food news with the continuous growth of China's economy, China's packaging carton industry has developed rapidly in recent years. In particular, domestic and foreign brand products and export products put forward higher and higher printing requirements for packaging cartons and cartons

its main development trends are as follows: first, the carton transportation packaging has gradually developed into the packaging of commodities. The total output value of China's new material industry has increased from 1trillion yuan in 2012 to 2.65 trillion yuan in 2016. The printed characters and patterns of the packaging cartons are required to be clear, beautiful, bright, multi-color and dotted. No one is allowed to put hands and other items into the experimental area with a strong sense of three-dimensional

second, the packaging carton printing will gradually develop from single color and two-color to three-color and six color printing after one-time assembly. It is required that the color registration is accurate, and the point is developed from the current 60 lines to 80 lines. At the same time, it is required that the precision of packaging and printing machinery is quite high, and flexible packaging and printing should be developed

third, packaging white paperboard gradually replaced yellow paperboard, developed white background color printing, and replaced oil-based ink with water-based ink, so as to make the surface of the packaging box beautiful, clear and bright, and the printing technology content is high, so as to improve the added value of goods, and ushered in a busy week of work, and meet the requirements of environmental protection

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